Sexy: Total War


The official Rome: Total War site has launched with plenty of arousing screenshots and info to peruse. I just want to pledge my undying love for the Total War series despite the fact that I may be the worst player in existence. I seem to be in love with the idea of gigantic battles rather than actually being able to execute them.

  • Epic battles between collosal armies. Over 10,000 fully polygonal, motion captured units can be displayed simultaneously with virtually no sacrifice of performance compared to Medieval: Total War.
  • Players can command entire Roman Legions, Greek phalanxes, barbarian hordes and the armies of Carthage, Egypt, and the Successor Kingdoms, each with a mix of exclusive units.
  • The campaign game is accessible to all gamers from those who want to do everything through to beginners (who can use city governors and automatic systems to handle the detail of taxation, military training and building) and those who just want to fight enormous battles!
  • Besiege huge cities and storm mighty fortresses with powerful artillery and siege engines. Bring your enemies' defences crashing to the ground with catapults, smash through their gates with battering rams as burning oil rains rains death from above, fight your way onto the battlements with siege towers and assault ladders and undermine their walls by igniting sapping points.
  • Rome: Total War also allows up to 8 players to fight epic battles over a LAN or the internet.
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    I need a towel and a drool bucket, stat!

    - Certis


    Wow. Pass that drool bucket please. I wonder what the system requirments look like?

    Maybe after this they can do sequels to Shogun and Medieval in 3D. I'd love to see 3D samurai going all bushido on another group of 3D samurai's sashimi.

    I'd be so much more inclined towards this if Creative Assembly would stop abandoning their games for the next one after one good-but-not-enough patch.

    I've avoided picking up Medieval TW because of this, although I own Shogun and the Mongols expansion, and the Strat guide, and a copy of The Art Of War. 




    I am upgrading my PC for this.

    Anyone seen the gameplay video? Goddamn, you aint seen nothing til you've seen the game in motion believe me.

    Everything individually animated and looking as good as that. You're gonna need a bigger bucket put it that way. Most Impressed I've been with a gameplay video since the first Doom3 footage I saw.