Steam-ing the New Counter-Strike


For those of you who still can't get enough counter-terrorist action, here is some new information hot from the presses over at BluesNews.  the beta realease of Valve's Stream 2.0 will be available at 6:00 EST, this afternoon.  With Steam 2.0 you will have access to the newest versions of Counter-Strike as well as Team Fortress Classic. 

Steam Beta 2.0 begins today at 3 pm Pacific. The beta is open to the public, anyone can join by downloading and running the 4MB install applet.

For the first few days, this beta will include the coming versions of Counter-Strike (1.6) and Team Fortress Classic. Further updates to these games, as well as additional content, will be made available to participants throughout the beta.

Steam is a broadband platform for the delivery and management of digital content. More information on Steam and this beta can be found at

UPDATE:  Steam currently unavailable to new submissions.
The Counter-Strike and Team Fortress communities have maxed out the Steam 2.0 beta servers, resulting in the temporarily suspension of admission to the beta as more content servers are put online. The current Steam content servers offer over 500 megabits of bandwidth, all of which the community is consuming right now
- Elysium


It's "Steam," not "stream."  Stream would actually make more sense than Steam, which just brings out a bunch of TF2 vaporware puns.

I tried their 1.0 (I think) beta a year or so ago. In fact it was (don't hate me for this) the first time I'd ever played Half Life. The system worked suprisingly well. Load times were decent. It sure beat waiting for an entire demo or app to be downloaded before I could even click the icon.

I never played CS or TF so I don't know if I'll give 2.0 a go, but I applaud their approach. I realize there's evidently some hostility towards Valve by gamers eager for new games, but I'm just judging them on this service alone.

I like this service, but I really only care about one thing HalfLife related anymore, Natural Selection

So Im wondering if this new version of HalfLife will do anything for it? Anybody else on here play NS?

Great, so they can now better Steam-in more HORSE sh*t half-life by-products. It's like they know if they stop putting out this sh*t, even for a minute, the ship will sink and them with it.

Oh God, Steam?  Not Stream?!  The site is ruined ... ruuuined!

Nothing for Natural-Selection here.  But, you're right.  It's the mod worth playing at the moment.

I haven't played Natural Selection yet but I'll probably do sooner or later as I only hear good things about it. Thing is, I have a hard time pulling myself away from Soldier of Fortune 2. Damn this game is fun! (Multiplayer that is)

Ok now I have to rant:

"No word in on whether this is the update that actually makes Counter-Strike FUN."

This quote was taken from the front page of a web site we all know and love(d). You see, when you guys left, you left us with him. I have no problem with the fact that someone might hate Counterstrike but come on, 80 thousand people are playing this at any time of the day. They're all lunatics too stupid to realize they're not having fun? While I haven't made a top-10 of the things that piss me off most, I'm sure that the lack of objectivity would make it faster than a Sims expansion pack on the US sales chart. This is just sad. No really. Ok I'll just stop now cause I could go on forever and I'm not sure it's the kind of post you guys want on your site. I'm sorry but I had to get it off my chest. Yeah, I feel better now.

It's good to know you love me, Mr.Green.

It's your trollish comments I hate, not you. Yes, it <i>is</i> very different.

Not with me, I hate anyone who says things that disagree with me. And Mexicans. Those Goddamn Mexicans. *shudder*

*passes out in puddle of whiskey*

I hate that every time I go to a LANParty no one plays anything but Countersh*te. Nothing but Countersh*te, even the people with the uber-boxes. It's depressing and frustrating at the same time.

I think CS is way over rated, or perhaps I just don't play well with others. That being said, I prefer good single player games such as Sim City 4, Metroid Prime, and Splinter Cell to multiplayer games. However, I have been known to play a few rounds of Quake or UT every once in a while. Mech Assault is decent too.

But I love you so much! Why? WHYYYY?!?