A Fresh Start


I must admit, I've been pleasantly surprised with the outpouring of support we've received during our little site launch. Already we have a great bunch of brilliant people registered in the forums and even more giving the page a once over. It's the beginning of what I hope will be a great community of mature gamers who want a little more than just the same old gaming news with the same old console wars.

Yes, I'm afraid to let you down but we don't really care which consoles you own. It's all been said before and we don't need waste anyone's time beating the same old horse day in and day out. Instead, let's all agree that games are what we play so games is what we'll focus on. Ok, that isn't completely true, there's a huge range of other subjects we plan to cover on the site. Books, DVD's, Technology and anything else we think hits on "gamer culture" in any remote way. It should be a lot of fun stretching our wings a bit and touching on some more diverse topics.

I'd like to tell you what kind of features we have planned for the site in the coming weeks but I don't want to ruin any surprises. Let's just say some of them are so diabolical I'm not even sure we should be attempting them.

I want to thank you for joining us in creating a fun site to read when you should be working. I hope you find it's worth risking your job over.


- Certis


>>I'm not even sure we should be attempting them.<<

I know exactly what you're talking about, and I'll never forgive you if you chicken out!

- Elysium


It's the beginning of what I hope will be a great community of mature gamers

Hehehe... hopefully Elysium and Cetis aren't groaning to themselves about one of us carry-overs: "Oh no!!! Not him from over at EvilAvatar!!"

Well so far it looks like you guys are off to a strong start. I really like your logo at the top, very Fallout-y.

>> I really like your logo at the top, very Fallout-y.  <<

The PIP Boy would make a cool forum avatar.

Console wars? Why would anyone want to argue over which console is better?

In order to avoid a console war/debate I simply picked them all up. I've finished my collection this past Christmas with a nifty XBox, with the Sega games in there. After picking up Panzer Dragoon Orta, I'm up to 3 Sega titles, and it's nice.

Go Consoles! Let's just hope my neglected PC didn't hear that.

Hey all. I'm glad you started this site. It saved me the hassle of doing it myself. I've been struggling with juggling (that's a good name for a band) my job and my secret (to my coworkers) addiction to vids for a few years now. I mentioned this in another post, but I'm so plagued by this that I'm only 49% through Metroid Prime and I only have 25 Shines in Mario.

And now that I bought my first house, it's even worse. I've been unable to purchase AC2 and join all of you who helped make Ava Tarati the most powarful guild evar!!!1! Admit it, no MMORPGTYPSMYSEYMIFOYC (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game That You Play So Much You Start Eating Your Meals In Front Of Your Computer) is the same without the pleasant company of Bandijia or Krushia or any other of my alter egos. I want to be there with you, but bizarre new responsibilities are swarming and threatening to overwhelm me like Elysium's similes. Sure I could hunker down and finally control myself enough to shoot those inside out dogs in RE, but that trim could really use some paint. Argh!

If you guys can pull off running a gaming site with a mature(?) audience, I'm all for it. I like every console, though I only own a Cube. I've rarely met a vid I didn't like, or at least wouldn't play. If this is slashcode and you set up moderation, I might never have to subject myself to reading "Is this the patch that adds the boobies?" again! I don't have time for that, especially when I'm trying to read this at work. My only suggestion for improving the site right now is to add a few graphs and tickers so this looks like I'm just checking my portfolio. As I close in on 30, I'm in danger of forfeiting my game time altogether, only to return to a controller when I have kids old enough to mash buttons. I'm going to need the support of a group like this to keep the passion alive.

Keep fighting the good fight, and let me know if I can help. You've got my e-mail.

I've been lurking at Evil's place for some time now, congrats on getting the site up and running and good luck. BTW, great logo!

Actually, slashcode is written in Perl, isn't it?

I don't want to leave you hanging Sway, the site is based on PostNuke and the comments system is part of the PostNuke core. We'll be replacing it by the end of the month if all goes to plan.

>>BTW, great logo!<<

I'll pass that along to my wife.  She designed it.

- Elysium

"Yes, I'm afraid to let you down but we don't really care which consoles you own."

I am so glad to hear that.  I have grown sick of listen to people bicker with "my system is better than your system" crap.   We all know its all about the games themselves and more importantly actual gameplay.  Not which system the game is on.


It's all been said before and we don't need waste anyone's time beating the same old horse day in and day out.

Oh drat.

*returns old horse to stable.*

"we don't really care which consoles you own"

But -- my x-cube is teh king of all monstars!

>>But -- my x-cube is teh king of all monstars!<<

Release, the hounds.


Replacing it with what, might I ask? Just the forums, or the whole PostNuke thing? Please, for the love of god, dont use ASP. It is the devil, and I will never be convinced otherwise.