Nasty, Tricksy Hobbitses


So, can we pretty much assume you've all seen The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers by now?  Of course, many of you probably found it an affront to Tolkien's vision, and their treatment of Faramir abominable, while the rest of you loved it, and recognized it as conforming well to the constraints of its artform without sacrificing the story.  I'm sure there's a pretty good debate raging between the two opinions, and that's all well and fine, but can't we all agree that the work done with Gollum was nothing if not amazing.  Well, Lord of the has a fascinating peek into how actor Andy Serkis was transformed into Gollum on screen.  You can find that feature here.


And if you were unimpressed by Gollum, then you're dead inside.  Dead, I tell you.  You should see a physician immediately.


Believe it or not I have yet to finish reading the Lord of the Ring trilogy. In fact I just finished The Hobbit (I know, not part of the trilogy but still a cool read) and am half way through The Fellowship of the Ring. I am already finding huge differences between the book and the first movie and from what I understand the second movie strays even further. However, I am in total agreement with Elysium. Gollum was unbelievable. I have seen the movie twice and loved it both times greatly due to all the seens that included Gollum. Can't wait to see it again.

Serkis should get a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the very least. Heck, he should win the damn award. Still, given that the visual character is CG-erized (Certis came up with that word ), I doubt he'll get even a nomination.

Somehow he needs to be..a little greener.I still love Gollum for The Hobbit cartoon. Went he goes insane and his eyes do that whirlpool thing..freaky indeed.

i totally loved the movie.

i was a little confused to faramir.  he definitely didnt seem how he was in the book.  he is one of my favorite characters so it was sad to see him a little shady.

but dont let that make you think the movie wasnt up to snuff.  it was fantastic.  when the riders of rohan came charging down the mountainside with gandalf i was speechless.  when theodin and aragorn mounted horses and charged out of the keep into 1000's of orcs it made me wish i was there and could follow them.

its one of those times when you know you things are looking grim.  you know you cant let the bad guys win.  you trust in the luck that courage and wits can provide.  you just say ***** it, throw caution to the wind, dig in and kick ass.

Despite the differences between the novels and what has made its way to the big screen, I think most of us can agree that the LOTR trilogy is some of the best sci-fi/fantasy cinema to have come out of Hollywood in ages.

I totally agree. Ive seen Two Towers three times now, and every time I still get chills up my spine at certain spots. Gollum was trully awesome.