EQ Upgrade, Download Only


Caught this news item over at Gamespot.  Apparently, the next big expansion for online juggernaut Everquest, The Legacy of Ykesha, will be available only through download, and not on retailer shelves.  Including a new playable race, the Frogloks, and a series of zones designed for the mid to high level player, it is not clear as of now when Ykesha is expected to go live, but for the rabid fan, you can set up your pre-order right now!

Gamespot goes on to report that:

The extension will include a new playable race, the frogloks These froglike creatures have been long present in EverQuest as an AI monster, but they'll sport a new look when they debut as a playable race. There are many other features coming: expanded item capacity for banks, an enhanced tool for finding groups, a guild management tool, a built-in cartography system, a new item slot dedicated to charms, and the ability to customize a character's look with armor dyes. There's also new content in the works for the extension, including new spells, dozens of new monsters, and new zones targeted for characters at level 35 to 60.

An interesting mix of upgrades that will certainly draw Verant's coffers ever more full.  Love it or hate it, Everquest is the bar by which other MMORPGs measure their product.  The guys know how to make money!

- Elysium


I would imagine that they have statistics telling them how many users are on broadband vs. how many are on dial-up. Outside of console games, I wonder how long it will be until we see a broadband-only MMORPG much like Everquest was a 3D accelerator title when it was released?

I pity the dial-up user who tries to download a massive expansion AND pays for the privilage.

Including a new playable race, the Frogloks,

It's not easy, being green...

Looks like they are making sure to add all of the features DAOC has that EQ is lacking.

It's pretty hard to even start a MMP these days without broadband. When I first started E&B I was confronted with a 50+meg patch... If I was on a 28.8 that probable would have been it for me (I was kind of luke warm to try E&B out in the first place). All things being equal broadband proliferation is good for my stock so I guess I support this trend :).



Do they even sell 28.8s anymore?