Soul Calibur 2 Special Fighters


Namco has announced that each console version of Soul Calibur 2 will have a different special character. The PS2 will get the Tekken fighter Heihachi, the Xbox will get Spawn and the Gamecube will get Link. Pretty nice little addition to an already fantastic looking fighter. Read more for the images..




I would have preferred Master Chief over Spawn although I suppose giving a guy some guns and grenades wouldn't be considered fair play. Microsoft had better get moving on acquiring some better mascots before they're forced to gank more Todd Mcfarlane "masterpieces"


This is how Link should look in his next GC adventure. I don't mind the cell shaded Link too much but I'm more into the standard Link.

I think they should darken link's tunic a bit. That shade of green is just a bit to "happy" for a Soul Calibur game. Spawn looks alright, lets hope he gets to use his chains, pity about the cape though. Heihachi... meh.

Where's spawn cape?  He just doesn't look right.  I'll probably be picking up the x-box version .. even though Link looks pretty good.

I want Blinx !

Heihachi is without a doubt the weakest of the three in terms of attracting an audience... I mean... Sony could have picked from so many characters, but chose that old dude? Phew... well, anyway, I'm still getting the GameCube version, it being the main development platform and all.

No, another MrGreen? Say it ain't so....

You see I was the MrGreen that SoBe bought from.  I guess I should expect more and more people will go by that name now...

How about swapping Heihachi for Sly Cooper...ol' Sly can certainly kick some ass with that cane of his!

Sly Cooper is awesome! Seeing him in SC2 would make me get the PS2 version, even with the lesser graphics.

BTW, if you havent played Sly Cooper, do it now. You will thank me later.