Square/Enix Merger Likely


Gamespy Daily is reporting that Enix has 'sweetened' its end of a deal to merge with Square Corp., developer of the popular Final Fantasy series.  Square's top shareholder, Masafumi Miyamoto, wanted a better share exchange price before moving forward with the merger, and todays development indicates Enix's willingness to negotiate their position and see this deal move smoothly.  Latest indications are that the merger should be official in April.

The increasing liklihood of this merger raises some interesting questions regarding which platforms might ultimately find themselves with Square games.

Here's more from the article.

"Enix said today that it would make the proposed merger deal with Square Co more attractive by offering more of its own shares. Enix said it would raise the ratio to about 5 percent making the deal worth about 101 billion yen (or $850 million dollars)."

This merger seems to be making genuine progress. 

- Elysium