Asheron's Call 2: Patch Day


If you're anything like me, then you've been at the very least watching the development of Turbine's latest MMORPG, Asheron's Call 2.  A strong game that seems to be developing nicely, today marks the second major update for the world of Dereth, and the second 'episode' of its evolving storyline.  Click here to see what new changes today's patch brings, or better yet click read more.

Say what you want about Turbine or Microsoft, this is quickly becoming the best MMORPG on the market.

Today's update includes some interesting changes to the chat functionality of Asheron's Call 2, including a general chat channel, and regional chat options.  January's patch is meant to give the game a greater sense of community, and perhaps eliminate the perception some have had that they are all alone in the world of Dereth.   Further, the newest patch offers some global landscape changes, inclduing what appears to be a Dereth winter, and a host of bug fixes and UI tweaks.  A flurryof new quests, and the long awaited tweaks to crafting round out this full update.  Here's a bit from the Developer's Notes

Many crafters, not satisfied with the arduous nature of crafting some items, have simplified the process of creating and enhancing many of their products. Others have found better ways to obtain the materials needed for crafting items, making it possible for everyone to be well equipped to face the challenges ahead. It is even rumored that one ingenious crafter has found a means to craft powerful potions to restore one's health and vitality.

In other AC2 news, it seems that those people not living in the U.S. who had billing issues with Microsoft may soon be able to join the battle.  The official AC2 Insider site indicates the following:

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that it will offer its popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings, in nine additional countries. Beginning in mid-February, players in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Hong Kong, Finland, Ireland, Singapore and Sweden will be able to purchase the game at retail, pay for their online subscriptions in local currency and play on servers based in Europe or the United States. In response to customer demand, anyone who already owns Asheron's Call 2 will also be able to subscribe and play.

- Elysium