Unreal 2, Gold!


Without the sometimes overkill of breathless anticipation surrounding the release of Unreal Tournament, Legend Entertainment has quietly readied Unreal II: The Awakening for release.  Today Infogrames announced that Unreal II has gone gold, and should hit shelves during the first week of February.


I can't wait for this game to come out, I thought legend did an awesome job with the Weel of Time game.

I tend to agree, and for a possibly surprising reason.  I know very little about this game (aside from the obvious).  I don't feel inundated with pre-release hype and screenshots, so I don't go in with preconcieved notions.  The further I get from UT:2003, for example, the more I realize that the hype almost spoiled the actual product.  While Unreal 2 still ultimately has to be a decent game, I find that I'm genuinely interested to see what becomes of it.

- Elysium

im not looking forward to this game.

its a shame because a lot of the art direction looks inspired by masamune shirow.

he is responsible for appleseed, ghost in the shell and dominion tank police.

my alter ego, fang blackbone, is minor character from appleseed manga.  book 4 i believe.

it just seems like another, my spaceship crash landed on a planet and i have to come up with a way to get home.  meanwhile i uncover some really bad people that i have to anhilate.

ill keep the door open to others recommendations since i know nothing of the real story.


That's a great point. It seems a bit odd when you consider how long the game has been in development. In fact the Computer Gaming World article in last months issue stated they had been covering the game for two years. I think when UT2K3 was announced to be coming out first we were spared a lot of the media scrutiny that would have otherwise been thrown at Unreal 2. However you look at it firing a rocket into smoke and seeing it dissapate where the rocket goes through sounds cool as hell!

I've installed Unreal 1 just to get back into the swing of things. I remember it being a lot harder than it is now...maybe my "mad gaming skillz" are just too much for the game now...oh well. Can't wait for the sequel!