Ninjai: The Little Ninja


To see one of the coolest flash movies ever made, head over to and watch little Ninjai kick some ass. The story drags in some parts but the overall artistry on display is amazing.


I should warn you that despite the title, little Ninjai is not for kids. Plenty of blood and gore in there and more than a little bit of swearing.

- Certis


Super Necro.
What ever happened to these guys?
There was talk of a movie deal.
I hope the little ninja title for the PS3 wasn't the result.


What an awesome blast to the past. Last time I watched Ninjai stuff I was in college, had no son, was dating someone completely different, and had no idea what I was going to do besides drink Jager in my dorm room.

How did you ever stumble across these a decade something later?

Wait a minute, did I just post on a 10 year old post thinking it was made in the past week?


I sure pushed a wrong button when browsing the site.

On a whim, I checked back with Ninjai.

It looks like as recently as last June, they were screening a feature?