Try To Act Surprised

Section: is reporting that the next issue of Computer Gaming World will reveal a planned expansion to Blizzard's Warcraft 3.  Considering Blizzard's outstanding track record and continued support of released games, the question was never if they would work on an expansion, but what they would name it.  Thus, we can reveal that it will likely be called Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

In other overtly obvious news, scientists have revealed that inhaling and exhaling an oxygen rich gas throughout the days is the best way to not die. posted the following:

WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne The war in Azeroth is not over! Blizzard is hard at work on the expansion pack to its blockbuster strategy game, and Computer Gaming World has the world-exclusive scoop. Don't miss it!

No further information is available at this time.

- Elysium


More Warcraft3=Good.  

Just not as good as most of Blizzard's older titles.Blizzard just doesn't seem to have that creativity any more when it comes to making fun games I'm afraid they will simply hand us a rehash of the Starcraft: Broodwars story. There are way to many parallels between the two games as it is. It's quite obvious the way they have set Arthas up to be like Kerrigan.

I'l probably end up buying it even if it is a rehash though, if only to see the pretty cinematics.

I largely agree that more Blizzard product on the shelves is a good thing.  However, I can't say I was as enthralled with Warcraft 3 as I'd hoped.  Eventually I found myself trying to like War 3 simply because I was supposed to like it.  I'll quickly admit that my criticism has more to do with the RTS genre than Warcraft 3 in particular, but I'd be perfectly content to see it be the last Warcraft RTS.

I got about half-way through Warcraft III before I realized it just wasn't doing it for me. I can appreciate Blizzard's skill in design but it just wasn't that much fun to me.

Well I thought WC3 was pretty awesome myself. However it is the first RTS game I have ever played more than one or two games of so I don't really have that RTS burnout syndrom a lot of people do.

One thing I really liked was the fact that they reduced the number of units available at any given time, this allowed the actual battles to be much more interesting. In other RTS games it just feels like send hoard A at oponents hoard B and then watch and hope that your troops win.

I guess what i'm saying is that I really don't like the resource gathering being the only sense of strategy in these types of games.

Oh, I have no doubt that War 3 was an outstanding game.  Heck, it's won several game of the year awards, so it can't be bad.  But, I played an obscene amount of Warcraft 2, and had really cut my teeth on the RTS genre.  I played both Age of Empires, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Earth 2050, Homeworld, among many others.  By the time Warcraft 3 was out, I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm.



wc3 was tons of fun.

it sported a better editor than NWN, Dungeon Seige and morrowind.  well morrowinds was pretty good.

if they'd just allow you to alter and make custom spells, id be in mod making hog heaven

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