February 19 - 25

Welcome folks, and happy “118th Anniversary of the founding of the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company” week!
Helldivers 2

GWJ Conference Call 905

This week, Amanda, Daryl, and Aaron get into Helldivers 2, Suicide Squad, Immortals, Spiderman 2, Tingus Goose, Synergy Demo, Summerhouse, core gaming memories, and more!

February 12 - 18

Welcome folks, and happy “595th Anniversary of the Battle of the Herrings” week!
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

GWJ Conference Call 904

This week Rich, Aaron, and Andrew get into Remake or Remaster, That Is the Question...as well as Suicide Squad, Silent Hill: TSM, LADG:TMWEHON, Sonic Superstars, Sovereign Syndicate, and more!

February 5 - 11

Welcome folks, and happy “43rd Anniversary of the World’s Largest Jelly” week!

GWJ Conference Call 903

Today Rich and Beto discuss where they are with gaming in the broader context of their lives today, where it fits historically, and their hopes/fears for the future.

January 29 - February 4

Welcome folks, and happy “429th Anniversary of the first performance of Romeo and Juliet” week!

GWJ Conference Call 902

Amanda, Daryl, and Rich are joined by special guest Wil Petre to dive deep on social gaming, and discuss his game Social Alchemix.
Ichiban riding a dolphin

January 22 - 28

Welcome folks, and happy “449th Anniversary of Tallis and Byrd’s Musical Monopoly” week!

GWJ Conference Call 901

Amanda, Daryl, and Rich talk about the new Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Coyote and Crow TTRPG, This War of Mine, Ludus Mortis, Lego Fortnite and games they're looking forward to in 2024.