More RoN

I'd like to get a nice team game going Wednesday night. If you have Rise of Nations, then you are cordially invited to attend. RSVP XOXOXO!


Nothing to see here. Move along.

I had fun last week playing with Gaald and Certis, count me in.

Does it involve a maid''s outfit?

No, you''ve already taken care of that thread nicely.

Be sure and join the game over there to the left in GameCal.

I am all for it, if I can get home in time. I am a newbie to RON, and I tried joining some mp games through gamespy this weekend, but couldn''t get past the lobby. Has anybody else had problems connecting? The computer was in a dmz.

Yeah I remember having similar problems with gamespy. Let''s face it, Gamespy is horrible! You should do a google search on ports necessary for RoN to work I bet inputing the necessary ports would work much better.

Now as fo you Elysium. Bad, BAD Elysium! Wednesdays are a bad day for me unfortunatly. I am 90% sure I will not be able to make a game on Wednesday. 70% sure if the time had been set for later like 9:30pm or something. Oh well no RoN for me.

Just loaded the tutorial, and I must say, this game is quite the bit of fun. Really need to get a handle on multiple cities to be effective online.

I also like how you have to research everything-religion, civics, commerce, warfare, soldier types...very cool.

As long as you guys wait for me this time, then I''m definitely game.

Mateo, the best way to learn is trial by fire. The games aren''t that competitive so even getting waxed can be a good time.

Just ask Demosthenes

(Sorry, Demo, once I thought of it, I couldn''t not write it.)


Hehe, yeah it''s probably true. Even as my country is being pounded into the ground, I was having a lot of fun playing and trying to die in a dignified way... which means staying alive for as long as humanly possible and attacking with militiamen over and over to retake my old capital until the very end.

I must admit, your tenacity against Certis was an inspiration in that first game. I was actively cheering for you to take back a second town.

I was actively cheering for you to take back a second town.

Not like you had anything better to do at that point

"Certis" wrote:
I was actively cheering for you to take back a second town.

Not like you had anything better to do at that point ;)

Ouch, cat-tay.

Hehe, well, at least someone was on my side, even if he was already jotted down in the history books as a fallen nation. I just don''t have a nation that really feels like it''s for me, if that makes any sense. Gaald has his like super nations of Egypt. I suppose I''ve grown accustomed to using the Native American nations now, though there''s still some weirdness and some make-up work to them as well. I''ve been training all week for this though, and continue to do so! I will win eventually!

Oh yeah, didn''t help that I was playing as Korea... I mean, it''s the forgotten conflict! I was doomed from the very beginning!

Reminder about the game tonight.

I am reminded and I will make extra efforts to attend. Thank you kind sir!

"Elysium" wrote:

Reminder about the game tonight.

Game, what game? Alien Swarm on WSa part 2? I''m there! Oh, not Alien Swarm? RoN? What? Rise of Nations? People still play that?

We''re playing alien swarm tonight?

People still play that?

Smart people who like awesome games? Yes!

"Zedian" wrote:

We''re playing alien swarm tonight?

I was joking, but come to think of it, not a bad idea, no? Where''s tha Marlin when you need him?

Or I''ll play RoN.


Or Finish off Assault in Unreal Single Player.

Reminded! Back to playing single player till I figure out who I want to play as ^_^

When you said more Ron, I got a little excited until I realized it was a dumb game instead of more of me.

More Lawyers!

Must get expansion so I can play.

Yes, we missed you tonight Nimcosi!

Good games everyone and welcome to Dark who was a pleasure to play with and new to the site!

I retain my title as the little nation that could ^_^

I had a great time although I only had a chance to play one game. Next time me and partner will hold strong and defeat the lesser nations! Mwahahahahaha!

Thanks for the fun game! I wish I could have stayed for one more, but sadly the wife would have killed me if I did

I''m looking forward to next time.

Yeah I had a great time even though I got my ass handed to me by Elysium. I promise next time I will fight to the bitter end!