Eve Online Gold, Gamers Asleep at the Helm


In the beta Eve Online seemed to break the new mold of giving players a quick pay off to level up and get to the Â"good stuffÂ" sooner. Instead, you mine asteroids as you read a book, watch TV or maybe raise your children in the background. When youÂ're not mining rocks and trying to keep little Billy from eating his Lego you spend a fair bit of time clicking on the space in front of your ship to move and making long jumps from one area to the next so you can mine different rocks.

IÂ'll admit I am exaggerating a little bit but IÂ'm not far off the mark if you have a look at Eve OnlineÂ's forums. The legion of sleepy gamers have risen from their slumber to bemoan the buggy game play, missing features and the rest of the usual issues surrounding a MMORPG that has inexplicably gone gold. Of course going gold also means lifting the NDA so things are getting a bit heated in the community. For now, I recommend staying the hell away from Eve Online at launch.


That's the general rule for MMORPGs.  One wonders what will happen when the NDAs get lifted for Galaxies.

..they`ll close forums then

My Thoughts...Game sucks. It's pretty, but boring as hell and empty as a paper bag filled with hot air. Community is also a bunch of elitist schmucks. I'll stick with my beloved Jumpgate, thank you very much.

Not really that much of an over statement. I played the beta for a couple hours and was absolute board to tears and then some. A complete of utter void of story, content or well anything. I wish Earth and Beyond had looked like this, but the game play in Eve is absolute ass.