WoW - Share your WoW videos here!

Saw that there were no threads for sharing these kinds of things. Would be pretty cool to see some GWJ guild videos too! (even though you're all filthy alliance) That plus, I am sure at least one or two of you PvP, let's see some generic headbanger + PvP action goin!

To start off, here are some of mine. To commemorate my guild coming out of REALLY dry recruitment spell (been canceling raids for over a month almost) and having being bored for a while as a result of that dry spell, I decided to make some kill videos from my main's guild before the big FL nerfs kicked in.

Hey here's a really old one from when I quit a year ago after the first two wings of ICC10 came out.

I love the music choices.

I constantly regret that I do not record our raids, but I am so damn lazy. We've had some truly epic first kills that I regret not catching.

ZeroKFE finishing off the last couple percent on Dragon BFFs comes to mind. As does Carg's great redemption on Akir; he got thrown off the platform something like 200 times on one night of attempts, but later soloed the last sliver of his health. Good times. I think I see a FRAPS purchase in my near future.

It's cheap, and it's totally worth it.

For some reason the demo version was sh*t for me, but the full version was very solid. Provided you have a decent rig that could handle recording, I highly recommend it.

What do you use to mix the video/text/music with, Pikey?

Adobe Premiere CS4. I got my current computer from when my old company collapsed. This computer used to belong to a design department so it's filled with Adobe's Creative Suite stuff.

Well thanks for the inspiration
I purchased FRAPS and recorded a farm night from Thursday. It is nothing too special, and not even close to as awesome as your nyan cat video, but it is my first second attempt (Originally, I uploaded the video to YouTube, only to realize that I labeled the title screen as Maloriak, when in fact it was Magmaw).

I should have some of our progression stuff next week.

Edit: What is the song from the DBS video? I love it.

Any chance you could release video with audio being recorded Vent conversations at the time?

Smacking a piece of music on top is not very good choice in my opinion and vent chat adds to the human element.

Slupczynski wrote:

Any chance you could release video with audio being recorded Vent conversations at the time?

Smacking a piece of music on top is not very good choice in my opinion and vent chat adds to the human element.

Yea I feel the same way, that said some of the videos I posted, the sound qualities/vent recordings got screwy (Shannox and Beth). In which case the best way to go is to just dub songs over it instead of spending hours trying to fix the problem (I did it for Alysrazor, and I am not sure it was worth all the effort).

That said, if possible, it'd be awesome to get vent on GWJ if possible. I'd love to hear Penguin cry foul cause he didn't get heals or something. Penguin rage is sweet lullaby to my ears. >:)

What do you mean by DBS video? Lol i tried to figure it out but I wasn't sure what the abbreviation was for.

Well, before you answer Lewis, here are all the tracks from the videos I've posted so far.

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (I just had to find a way to fit this into a FIRElands video)
Pendulum - Slam

Kasabian - Cutt Off

Nyan Cat

Nine Inch Nails - Beside you in time (only NIN song I enjoy, one of few non-metal tracks, go figure)

Raymond Scott Quintette - Ali Baba Goes to Town (it was per request of a guildie who's a music teacher. VERY old)
Raymond Scott Quintette - Powerhouse - Hit Parade
Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax (Benny Hill Theme)
Craig Ferguson - The Late Late Show Theme Song

Majordomo Staghelm
Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now
The Bloody Beetroots FEAT. Steve Aoki - Warp
Radiohead - 2+2=5

Deathbringer Saurfang Solo Heal Vid
Curumin - Guerreiro

Pikey26 wrote:

Deathbringer Saurfang Solo Heal Vid
Curumin - Guerreiro

DBS, Bingo!

My mic was set to full time record during the first 4 or so fights, so you can hear hundreds of mouse clicks and my James Gandolfini breathing. Trust me, the music is much, much better than that.
I most definitely want to get our vent chatter posted in a video. It is hilarious, and the entire reason I continue to raid. I don't care a ton about progression or loot; I'm here to spend 5-6 hours a week with my friends making fun of each other.

There is a small human element at the end of this one

Let's get some more FL action going!!

ELewis17 wrote:

There is a small human element at the end of this one ;)

I watched this one right after the Magmaw one, straight from YouTube and got right about to the end and was thinking, you know, I might need to make a post and see if Lawk can put the ending in...

But there was no need because he was way ahead of me. Well done, sir.



Uploading now

Majordomo Staghelm

HEY! Grats on those kills...

and just realized that guy who went 'ARGHHHHHHH' on the Securotron can now go 'ARGGHHHHHHHHH' on Baleroc/Domo instead (Shoulders/Tier Shoulders).

Not really a video but just an experiment.

I'd never played around with the Eyefinity settings on my ATI card, but today after screwing around with the settings and drivers trying to get Rage to run acceptably, I figured I'd try WoW as well for fun.

3840x1080 looks crazy. Impractical to play since your character appears right where the two monitors cross... but makes a nice screenshot, no?



kilanash wrote:


That's my new desktop background!

Filthy alliance all of you, play horde!!!

Testing 1080p qualities on YouTube, and the new fancy 'Monetize' function they gave me.

All my stuff so far has been recorded and posted in 1080P, but Windows Live Moviemaker craps all over the quality as soon as I save the file. Really neat feature! I'm going to get Sony Vegas Movie Studio before 4.3/SWOTOR so I can get some good quality end products.

Avoid vegas, I highly recommend Adobe Premiere instead. Vegas' encoding suite is complete garbage, you're gonna have the same quality issue. 'Adobe Encoder' on the other hand is excellent.

I was intending on buying Vegas because a) I hate Adobe, though I know their products are generally quite good. b) WoWCrendor uses Vegas. If it is good enough for him, then surely it is good enough for me. Both options have trials, so I'll see what I like.

Though I will say that the Photoshop/Premier Elements package is quite tempting.

He might be using it cause that's what he has, but Vegas has become virtually useless since a couple versions ago. A friend of mine in a studio absoluted LOATHED that thing, then again not for long cause the company replaced it with Adobe in like two weeks.

Well Pikey, I wont doubt you again. The Vegas demo was buggy as hell. Was easy enough to use, but all around seemed pretty crappy. Installing Adobe Premiere Elements 10 demo now.

Yea, a former avid Vegas user here. It's NOT the awesome Vegas it was the few renditions ago until they ruined it recently.

When are we getting GWJ Rag kill video btw?

Pikey26 wrote:

When are we getting GWJ Rag kill video btw? :)

Attendance for a second FL run every week has been really spotty lately. Depending on how people's availability is over the next few weeks we'll likely start recycling IDs. We've only had about 20 attempts on him, and seen 40-45% a couple times. Once we get him down it'll be up here though.