Asheron Places Toll Free Call


GameSpyDaily was kind enough to mention that you can download a free trial client of the Microsoft/Turbine MMORPG Asheron's Call 2 from FilePlanet. I remember seeing a similar offer in the past for Anarchy Online. However, this differs in that you don't even need to input any credit card information to give AC2 a try. Evidently you can explore AC2 free for 15 days, after which you will be given the option to purchase the game and continue with your characters from the trial. I think this is a tremendous way to boost the server population. After playing this game I can attest to the need for a population infusion. This is a great solution for a real Catch22 sort of problem that can be a real nuisance for a MMORPG. It's hard for a MMO game to shine without the massive multiples of players. However, it's hard to convince new players to join when massive multiples don't exist yet.

You can get the official word from Microsoft at


I think I'm going to grab it just to see how it runs now that my RAM is doubled to a gig and I have a new Radeon 9500 card.

Would you look at that, not wait in the Fileplanet line-up either!

Only 6 more hours to go! 900 mb file, here I go, wohoo! :O

Congratulations on the topic title, I didn't even get it at first.

Thanks. I know. I'm a dork.