How is your commute?

Since we are Gamers with Jobs I was wondering how bad/good you commute is.

My commute is only 15 miles which is not far at all but it takes me between 45 to 60 minutes on most days. This is not so good.

Thanks to my choice of vehicles too those stinking 15 miles uses more than 2 gallons of gas (ouch).

So share your tales of commuting woe or brag about how awesome your commute is.

My commute involves 23 miles...which takes about 45 minutes. I wish I could commute to the basement to work

I just moved and commute 2 miles in about 10 minutes. Damn traffic. I would normally find some backroads to get there but there''s a giant river in between my place and work.

Not too bad here. My commute''s something like 13 miles, and it usually takes me in the neighborhood of 20 minutes. And that''s in the middle of Orange County, CA.

I did the hour+ to go 20 mile thing years ago when we were living in Seattle. It''d have to be a *really* good job to get me to go back to something like that.

25 Miles, 30 minutes. This is my best commute to date. I''ve had some pretty horrible ones that were over an hour each way.

7 miles, 9 minutes. When I move in September it will be 6 miles, 10 minutes.

17 Miles, 25-30 Minutes across the Bay. Not bad, but the people in West Mobile act as if I''m coming from BFE. Heh, the fools...

hmm, about 10 km, 5 to 10 minutes. It''s pretty cool. With a compact car, I spend like 20 dollars or less a week on gas.

20 miles, 60-70 minutes.

I live in London and work in a business park in the provinces. At the end of the day everyone scatters.

Around 3km, 10 minutes. Too bad there are so many traffic lights...

15-30 Minutes, door to door, depending upon how crowded the T is. And whether I stop for donuts.

Small town just north of New Orleans. About 2 miles, 5 min give or take if I stop at McDonalds for a Big Breakfast.

I stumble about twelve feet into my office from the bedroom. Assuming I don''t run into a wall, the cat or my wife it takes about 5 seconds.

3 miles, 15 minutes, but I bike.

Total distance to work is approx. 20 miles. I drive 5 of that, park at subway station & then ride the subway the other 15 miles. Total commute time is approx. 1 hour. That includes waiting up to 15 minutes for the subway if its running slow that day. If it wasnt for the subway it would probably take me 90 minutes minimum to drive those 20 miles.

2 miles, usually takes 5 minutes. I put 24k miles on my last vehicle in 4 years.

My commute is about 3.51miles it takes about 45-60min.

I stumble about twelve feet into my office from the bedroom. Assuming I don''t run into a wall, the cat or my wife it takes about 5 seconds.

My father''s done that for 25 years. It''s done him a world of good. (Apart from the facial tics and lack of social skills.)

My commute is about 45 minutes to 1 hour+ depending on traffic.

To all you people with 5-10 minute commutes--I hate you.
I''ve put nearly 24k miles on my car in less than a year. The poor baby was brand new too

10 miles, ~15 minutes. It is all back roads.

5 miles or so, 15 minutes or thereabouts.

"Paladin" wrote:

I''ve put nearly 24k miles on my car in less than a year. The poor baby was brand new too

I just hit 25K miles in my 4-year-old Toyota.

38 miles.
45 minutes.
So far no speeding tickets.

Yeah I love being self imployed too. Most days it takes me 1 second to commute. I wake up and get out of bed. I am now at work.

If I have to head out it usually takes me about 20 minutes to get to where I need to be, that''s because I usually walk.

Here in CT, on a really good day I can make the 25 mile trip in 90 minutes. I''ve had it take 3.5 hours on a bad day. At least I own a hybrid so I only need to put in 25 dollars every other week. (at 2.30 a gallon)

4 miles/ 10 min....get out of the way hosers!

I live in Los Angeles, so what do you think Takes an hour to go ten miles during the day, either using the highway or surface streets.

22 Miles - 25 minutes, very easy. I''m pretty lucky, here on Long Island most people have a much longer trip.. I can drive through Jones Beach if a feel like it

Another 2 mile, 10 minute guy. I hate stoplights.

Mine is totally wacky:
Monday: work at home or meetings at various client sites up to 100 miles away.
Tuesday: work at client site #1 - four miles through suburban streets with synchronized traffic signals. About 10 minutes.
Wednesday: either home, various client sites, or office (35 miles down I-5 to downtown L.A. - at least an hour)
Thursday: work at client site #2. 30 miles, but through a rural area with little traffic - 45 minutes.
Friday: client site #1 again.
Saturday: off, but lots of family driving - swim lessons, birthday parties, day trips.
Sunday: Same as Saturday, but usually work at home that night, too.

The Tuesday and Wednesday schedules actually alternate, depending on what week it is.

25km = 15-30 minutes depending on traffic. I work on an army base. When the troops are in garrison, traffic is bad. When they are out doing their soldier thing, no traffic. Oh plus we are in our construction season here (April - October) so half the roads are torn-up = another 5-10 minutes.

I live around 13 miles from work which takes 20 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes to get home. I also work from 9:30-6 so it''s on the end part of rush hour and traffic is lighter. If I went during rush hour it''s 40-60 minutes each way.