IGN Gobbles up VE3D


Eric sends word that the Gaming Age forums contain a press release stating that IGN has gobbled up long running gaming news site Voodoo Extreme. No specifics on what this will mean for the news dump's content and layout but one can hope it won't change too much.

"We're extremely excited about this addition to our network of gaming and entertainment sites," said Peer Schneider, IGN's Network Director. "VE3D offers quality content and is well known and highly respected in the gaming community. Not only are we expanding our audience, but we are also strengthening the depth of our gaming coverage."

"IGN truly understands the gaming enthusiast and is a good fit for our VE3D audience," said Rob Anderson, Director of Business Development for BA Ventures, LLC. "Our loyal fans will continue to receive the web's best gaming news from the VE3D site while gaining access to a huge breadth of video game and entertainment content from the rest of the IGN network."

In other news, Gaming Groove will return! No really..


Eh well much like deregulation I doubt this will help the consumer much.

Could be worse, I suppose....GameSpy could have bought them out.