And The Wind Cries ... Gordon?


If I were, say, Activision, and Valve Software showed up on my doorstep and asked if I'd like to publish their games, my first question would probably be, "Why?  Do you have any?"  Oh, I know there's Counter-Strike Condition Zero, and the retail release of the Day of Defeat mod, and these will almost certainly produce wheelbarrow loads of cash for those involved, but it's small potatos compared to what Valve might produce ... or rather what they might already be producing.  This is the internet, so wild conjecture is par for the course, and there are rumblings that planets may be in the very process of aligning, that the dog may bark at midnight, that crowbars will be next year's heroine sheik!  Read on for rumors and whispers of things to come. 

This is all to say, that Shacknews is under the impression that a Half Life 2 announcement may be right around the corner.  They point to this teaser ad in Edge Magazine, and also quote the following from PC Gamer:

We kid you not. Don't buy any other magazine until you see our exclusive blowout coverage of what's certifiably the biggest game currently in development. That's got you thinking, hasn't it? Oh, we'll have a great reviews slate, previews of an amazing new franchise, and more Hard Stuff - but you'll come for the unveiling of...

Is it possible that Valve has actually been working on something of this magnitude for years and we could be playing a genuine Half-Life sequel before the end of the year?  Hell, I'd settle for some vague coneptual drawings of head-crabs, anything to indicate that Valve is capable of more original content.  Imagine the chaos if we also got positive news from the Duke Nukem Forever team.  I think we're due.

- Elysium


And this would be like... so big!

Nah the big news is they have now found a way do directly funnel cash from your wallet to their bank account for old content... oh way they already tried that.

And they'll disappoint us all by saying that it's just a remake of <i>Half-Life 1</i> in a new graphics engine.