Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!


Guns akimbo.  Dodging bullets.  Pugilistic acrobatics.  And all to a funky techno beat.  The Wachowski brothers have returned to collect any money you might have saved since the release of The Matrix in 1999.  That is to say, The Matrix: Reloaded Final Theatrical trailer is now online at the Official Site for your drooling pleasure.  If you have a particular penchant for black leather, billowing fabric, or overtly trendy sunglasses, then prepare for visual Nirvana because the high pseudo-goth fashion returns with the overly complex fight scenes and rampant destruction that marked the original as such a favorite.  Let's be honest, we all know you're going to go see this quintessential summer movie, so you might as well see the trailer first. 

More importantly, though, TheOneRing.net reported that The Return of The King trailer will be shown with The Matrix Reloaded.  As if a new Matrix movie wasn't enough to drag our pasty faced subculture into the burning rays of the devil-sun, the added trailer for ROTK is pretty much irresistible.  Add a Episode 3 teaser and many of our ilk might very well die of massive brain hemorrhaging from the overload of nerdy joy.


Save As on hard drive. Launch QT. Watch the trailer. Repeat last two steps 5-7 times per hour.

...I had never thought that it was possible to fall so deep into geekiness.

Yeah, I did the Save As last night too. I showed wifey and even she seemed excited about seeing it. That's impressive since usually when I show her stuff like that she pats me on the head and says "That's nice, honey." Now the real question is how soon after it comes out can I actually go to the theater and actually enjoy the experience. I have serious pet peeves about theater behavior (or lack thereof). I usually only go to the movies for those that have been out for a while. And even then I only go on weekday evenings when children are in school. This pretty much prevents me from seeing anything during the three months of their summer vacation.

Hoochie and I decided not to watch the trailer, it sounds like it's amazing but it also sounds like it shows too much.  I think I'll wait until I see it in the theatre.

I hate movie trailors, they often give away too much of the movie. I  hate them so much, for a movie I am highly anticipating I will even go so far as to close my eyes and plug my ears than hum during the duration of a preview in the theatre. Certis and Hoochie love it when I do that.

You know what I want. A teaser I don't need you to show me all the best parts of the movie I just want the name of the movie, a good voice over and some great music, that's it!

Sway I totally agree with you on theatre eitquete. How absolutely selfish or stupid do you have to be to not realize everyone else in that room has payed to see this movie and they don't want to you hear you talking (or any other loud activity you might want to add) for the full duration. This sort of thing is yet another example of Parents not doing thier job right!

You`re somehow right. I mean - if you come out from theatre and have a feeling that you just watched the same trailer you downloaded from net month ago, just in slow motion, then something isn`t right.

But talking about public in theatres - as mentioned above - weekdays are the key. And preferably some half-month after priemiere (well, in Matrix case it could take longer..ehm..)

Theatre going was bad enough back in the day.  But then cell phones came along and made the idiots even louder than before.  Parents keep bringing their toddlers to R-rated movies, letting them run freely up and  down the aisles .  I've actually had to ask someone to put his cigarette out once.  "I'm not smoking."  "Sir, I can see the smoke rising from the hand you have crammed underneath your seat."

I tried going on weekdays during the middle of the day, but my luck didn't improve.  Oddly, I think the best time to see movies is on opening night.  Especially something like the Matrix, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.  The geeks (I include myself) are out in full force... like a school of hungry piranha and will devour anyone gets in the way of them and a good movie experience.

I just saw that they've officially banned cell phones from movie theaters in NYC.