What is this!!?...

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from E3 gallery

i think i understand, but has anyone used one? (besides the obvious Certis and Ely.

Its an eXtreme Phantom d00d.

Ya, remember when the box was being opened? We all turned into zombies. Not sure what you mean by using zombies though? Unless it''s some weird sex fetish.

Portable desk, presumably monitor and computer goes on floor/box.

Billy Bob Thornton is a Phantom fanboy!

(Ok, it doesn''t look much like him, but the guy''s got the same unkempt, tattooed vibe going.)

I didn''t know Keith Richards was a gamer....

"Alexander" wrote:

Its an eXtreme Phantom d00d.

googley turns up nothing...anyone have a link?

A stoned man trying to figure out why a mouse plugged into his pocket won''t control the bugs on the wall?

It''s the Phantom keyboard

Linky to another site Bonusstage.

"spot778" wrote:

It''s the Phantom keyboard

Linky to another site Bonusstage.

Bleh, my portable desk idea was better. Now if it had been a phantom keyboard and a trouser press, then I''d have been impressed.

Puck from the Real World pretends to be all techno-savvyish.

Them''s boxer shorts.

I bet he could kick all of our asses in just about any game.

I like the older guy in the blue shirt. I like how he''s looking at the younger tattoo-ed punky guy with something akin to love in his eyes. And he''s sitting on a beanbag chair.
Which is nice.

"Pulse" wrote:

I bet he could kick all of our asses in just about any game.

..ssssh, don''t interrupt them when they''re mocking the tatoo''d slacker. They could turn on you

The keyboard and mouse look kind of uncomfortable to use... imo.

"groan" wrote:


<blue shirted father in backround> See my son there? Yeah, on the phantom. We bought him his first console when he was 1. Sure all he did was chew on the electrical leads, but we feel it had an effect. Me an mom are so proud, now that he''s the posterchile for the phantom console. ISN''T THAT RIGHT SON?

<slacker>STFU dad, L0L

Jeez now we''re going to get sued for destroying and mocking the Phantom''s lone userbase.

You should have seen this yahoo try and play UT2k4. He kept invading and shooting at his own base. There was that horrible biting ''you can''t shoot that, moron'' noise emitting from the loudspeakers, but he just kept right on shooting anyway.

Now we know what they look like. Whenever I come across some a$$hole online, I''ll picture him.