Nintendo DS: USA today has a pic


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That looks kinda stupid.

I think it''s a mock.

I''m a bit less then impressed myself, interesting that one of the two screens is touch sensitive sorta brings the PDA function into it.

Thanks for the link, Spot778. If it''s a mockup, it''s a good one. The quotes from Nintendo indicate a legitimate source. I guess we''ll know more later today.

Glad they''re going with a hinge-type case. The original GBA''s form factor practically screamed ""Scratch my screen and break my buttons, please!"" Backwards-compatible, more processing power than N64? Sweet!

Looks nice. I will take two.

Hmmm, could be a cool little gadget to get a hold of.

I like it, any word on overall size/weight?

"Flux" wrote:

Looks nice. I will take two.

I''m with you on that. Looks cool. If the size is roughly that of a PDA, it will be a great little toy to have.

Looks super sweeet.

It will be mine, that is until I see the Sony machine being unveiled this week...

The PSP is going to bomb I would guess. It will be very expensive and reports say the battery power is very short.

Interesting article on people buying ''the whole product''. The writer talks about betmax and VHS, but we could also think about the games console, the library of games and the potential for more games to be released.

You can question Nintendo on just about anything but their handhelds, IMO. I''ve loved my GB, GBC, GBA, and GBA SP. Awesome for business trips...flight delayed again...Mario and Luigi time.

I''ll be getting one of these.

I don''t care about the touch screen and whatnot, but hey, BLUETOOTH SUPPORT, BABY. Seriously, wireless multiplayer was one of the things I dreamed of ever since the first GB came out. And since they''re using a standard protocoll instead of their own mumbo jumbo I''m optimistic that we''re going to see some nice third-party applications as well.

It sucks that USA Today got ahead of Nintendo with the DS. It would have been cooler if Nintendo could have had the first show.

I cannot wait to see the software.

Anyone got an alternate link?


Nintendo unveiling a new portable
By Steven Kent, Special for USA TODAY
LOS ANGELES "” Video game giant Nintendo, facing increased competition in the market for handheld entertainment, will have a new portable out this fall with twin color screens, sharper graphics and the feel of a PDA. The Nintendo DS "” short for dual-screen "” will be unveiled Tuesday morning at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo game industry gathering.You might be able to fool people into thinking your Nintendo DS is a PDA. But turn off the volume just to be safe.

The DS will sell alongside today''s Game Boy Advance, not replace it, according to the company. Nintendo has not announced a release date or price, though analysts predict it may sell in the $150 range.

One of the two 3-inch screens is touch-sensitive and works with a stylus "” like Palms and Pocket PCs "” to control the action in some games. In one demo, players guide a toddler-age Mario as he falls from the sky by drawing clouds. Other games give multiple views of the action.

The DS also has Bluetooth wireless communication to connect with other units within range for cordless competition. DS has separate slots for current Game Boy Advance cartridges and new, smaller DS game cards.

DS is largely viewed as Nintendo''s response to Sony''s PlayStation Portable, or PSP, a new system that will play both movies and video games stored on mini DVD discs. Sony has announced plans to release PSP in Japan later this year and in the USA in 2005.

""I have not seen the PSP,"" says Nintendo''s Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the famous Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong characters. ""The screen, I believe, is bigger than a DS screen, and I am sure it will have excellent graphic quality."" But, he adds, ""the PSP will not be able to display anything that you cannot do on a current system. ... We want to do things that you could not do before. We are looking at the creative end.""

The DS has slightly more processing power than the Nintendo 64 console released in 1996. While that''s nowhere near today''s top game-system graphical capabilities, two- and three-dimensional game images, when viewed on DS screens, are surprisingly crisp.

Sony''s PSP, reported to be only slightly less powerful than the PlayStation 2, will have a higher-resolution screen and more graphics power. The price has not yet been announced, though estimates have ranged to $250 and up.

Having sold more than 168 million Game Boys worldwide since 1989, Nintendo dominates the handheld game market, even as it''s losing market share in console systems to Sony and Microsoft. Over the past 15 years, such companies as Sega, NEC, SNK and most recently cell phone giant Nokia have launched nine competing portable game systems without much success.

E3: Metroid Announced for DS
By Mike Viscel -- Staff Writer
Published 3:02 PM CDT, May 11, 2004

Nintendo brings a great looking Metroid to Nintendo DS

Nintendo announced today that they will release a new Metroid game on Nintendo''s new handheld, Nintendo DS. The game shown looked very sharp and almost looked as good as a GameCube version of the game.

The top screen will show a map of all of the character''s moves, while the bottom screen shows the in-game action. Even more impressive is that the player can touch the touch sensitive screen and point to where he wants Samus to shoot.

Not much more was revealed about the game, but it will be playable on the show floor this week at the E3 conference. We''ll have more during the week.

hmmmrrr... not sure I like using the touch screen to control aiming and shooting..

That sounds pretty bad..

Interesting, it looks a lot like those old Game & Watch dual screen games from the 80''s. I am not sure how cool a touch screen will be in a device that small, depends a lot on how it is used I guess, I think it would suck for twitch stuff butI guess it could have its uses. There were some PSP pics up on somethingawful that were much more impressive IMO. I do like that clamshell design though, PSP looks like the kind of thing I will not want to stuff in a pocket or backpack without some kind of seperate case.

"Dokujin" wrote:

I do like that clamshell design though, PSP looks like the kind of thing I will not want to stuff in a pocket or backpack without some kind of seperate case.

True, the PSP looks like the screen would be easily scratched.

Nintendo DS facts

Dual Screens: Two LCD screens offer one of the most groundbreaking game-play advances ever developed: experiencing a game from two perspectives at once. Imagine the possibilities. In a racing game, drivers might see their own vehicle''s perspective on one screen and an overall track view on the other. In a role-playing game, the action could take place on the first screen while the second provides a reference for a player''s tools inventory. Game play also could use both screens at once, offering a giant boss for heroes to defeat. In the future, games could be created allowing users to play games on one screen while text messaging other DS users on the other. Each 3-inch screen can reproduce a true 3-D view and is backlit to assure comfortable play in any lighting condition.

Touch Screen: The lower screen will offer something never before provided by any game device: PDA-like touch capabilities. Players no longer have to rely on just buttons to move characters or shift perspectives. They can navigate menus or access inventory items simply by touching the screen with stylus or fingertip. A software-based keyboard might even allow the screen to be used as an input center for games and messaging. The possibilities are limited only by developers'' imaginations. The screen will have a tougher film cover for durability, and will come with a stylus.

Microphone: An available microphone port means that in the future, players might need only to tell their games what to do. DS software could identify everything from voice commands to hand-clapping. Players might be able to move their characters simply by telling them which way to go. The voice capabilities also could allow gamers to chat with one another over the Internet while playing.

Wireless: DS users will be able to connect with a local wireless network of up to 16 players. Nintendo''s guaranteed range is 30 feet, but will extend far beyond that depending on circumstances. It assures high response rates required for real time game play, and will make use of both IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo''s proprietary communication protocol, which provides low battery consumption. Players will be able to chat and play games without any connecting cords, completely untethered. The DS technology also provides for a wireless LAN connection, which could allow a theoretically infinite number of players to connect at a hot spot and compete at a central game hub on the Internet, even if they''re thousands of miles apart.

Wireless Game Sharing: If software developers desire, multiple players can compete in wireless games, even if only one person has a game card inserted. Players could also test-play games for themselves as long as they stayed connected.

3-D: With the newly developed graphics engine, DS can reproduce impressive 3-D renderings that can surpass images displayed on the Nintendo® 64. Games will run at 60 frames per second, and allow details like fog effects and cel shading.

Sound: The 16-channel sound allows for greatly expanded use of voices and music, and a richer, more immersive game experience. A plug for headphones transmits stereo sound.

Battery & Power Management: The battery is rechargeable and the unit features a low-energy-consumption design. The DS also has Power Management functions of Sleep mode and Standby mode. In Sleep mode, players can stop and resume game play whenever they like. If the user receives a message from a friend or user nearby, DS activates itself from Standby mode.

Processing: The unit will run on two processors, one ARM9 one ARM7.

New Media: For its compact cards, the unit uses newly developed semiconductor memory, which allows for lower cost, shorter manufacturing time and memory capacity of more than one gigabit of information.

Dual Slots: Nintendo DS makes a vast library of Game Boy® Advance games readily available. Developers could find ways to make new connections between GBA games and DS games. The GBA port could be used for new hardware, enormously expanding the functional expandability of the DS.

Sounds good.... But I wouldn''t buy it unless they plan on making some sort of a TV adapter like the one that fits under the gamecube now. I never could get used to small screens. That''s half of why I never beat Metroid Fusion. The other half is that I couldn''t beat the end boss

They''ll have to push it really really hard to convince me to buy one. I am old, and I am set in my ways, and in my lawn, we play games with ONE screen, and we like it!

Looks kinda cool to me. I love my GBA SP and can see where the dual screen might be handy so it probably won''t take much for me to shell out some cash for it.

For its compact cards, the unit uses newly developed semiconductor memory, which allows for lower cost, shorter manufacturing time and memory capacity of more than one gigabit of information.

This is actually a big deal. Publishers hate the cartridge format for its per-unit manufacturing costs (many, many times that of a CD/DVD), so anything that lowers the price will make them more likely to publish for the device. The ~8x increase in maximum cartridge memory will allow for far more detailed graphics and sound than the GBA can handle.

I find it strange that Nintendo isn''t advertising its potential utility as a PDA. With built-in Wi-Fi, a virtual keyboard, instant messaging, excellent battery life, high-quality screens, etc., I could easily see lots of people, especially kids, using it more for that than for gaming.