Without video games where would you be?

"Druidpeak" wrote:

...who lives in NY, and likes Anime, and has done modeling, and enjoys games, and is also an artist(your avatar looks like something he would do). ..Sorry, so many similarities, I had to ask.

...you right about similarities!

[size=7]Everyone knows you make train noises when you''re doing the Han Solo.


[size=12]Har! Man if somehting else didn''t already make me blind, Pred, that point size will.[/size]

Reading tons of books and likely still engaging in tabletop wargames and pnp rpgs.

I''d actually be POORER, because I''d be investing obscene amounts of money in miniatures and the like.

I''d spend more time being bored.

I''d probably read a lot more as well.

I miss going through a few books a week.

I''m probably stupider for it.

Games are evil.