Gamers with Homes?

I''m happy to report that the market in SoCal is INSANE!!!! I bought my 3 bedroom 1950''s ranch style 4 years ago for $245 (or one quarter of a MILLION dollars). Just sold it two weeks ago for...drumroll please, $560! The couple who bought it offered $11k OVER asking, said they would ask for NO concessions and any work that the house needed after the inspection was on them.

I''m cashing in my chips and heading north to Tacoma, Washington. I''m gonna hang at the Ram and Engine House No.9 looking for Drunkagain and phragged.

The Ram... homebrew...

Although Silver City''s Fat Bastard is veddy nice!

Thanks EB, I''ll certainly check it out!

In Mobile, you can get 2000 sq ft for around $125,000, but then the salaries around here are a joke to compensate for it. There''s also little spots where prices for shacks crest at about half a million. And decent waterfront starts at 250K.

$250K will get you a decent starter home in the Seattle suburbs (Bellevue/Redmond). You''ll be up to $300K + if you want to live in Seattle proper, unless you want a nice condo. That will run you around $200K+

"Viking" wrote:

If you''d told me 10 years ago that I''d pay 300+ for a *condo*, I''d have laughed in your face. The sick part is, the 312 we paid was a *bargain*, and we were happy to do it.

I hear that. We live in a condo in Stevenson Ranch, just south of Magic Mountain. We paid $245k about two and a half years ago, and the last appraisal we had was $365k. There have been even higher sales since then, so a unit the size of ours (1750 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, built in 1999) has likely hit the 400k mark by now.