Metroid Prime Game of the Year Again


According to this Reuters article at Yahoo!, Metroid Prime was voted "Game of the Year" last night at the Game Developers Conference going on in San Jose. I guess what makes this notable is that these are awarded by more of a "jury of your peers" than most of the other awards we've seen. As Elysium has noted, these are probably people with tastes very similar to you and I. I'm still waiting for the GDC or  IGDA websites to be updated with the full list of winners. Post in the comments if you've seen them announced elsewhere.

As a side note I was intrigued by this quote:

One game, "Wild Earth," from Super X Studios, dominated the competition, winning for innovation in game design and innovation in visual arts and also taking the $15,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Anyone know about or played this game?


I found this brief article about Wild Earth over at GameSpy.