What I'll Be Playing in 2007


Set drool factor to deluge, because Blizzard has released a three minute AVI of World of Warcraft in-game footage.  While some, and you know who you are, might be quick to dismiss WoW as more of the same, I hold out tremendous hope for this title.  The art direction is outstanding, and the developers have a proven track record of providing quality, and more importantly, fun games.  Replete with sweeping vistas, stoic villages, rowdy pubs, and epic battles, the video shows off a variety of landscapes, characters, and monsters.  You can pick up the video here.


Thanks go out to Griffon, for pointing us toward visual happiness.


As cool as it looks, there is still no real clipping.. the giant does not send the folks picking it in the toe flying... I hope this is a great game but I'm not seeing anything that new game play wise, sadly. The group battle looks smooth and dynamic which was nice (special after trying to play SB ). I love the art direction! Still... when are we going to see some real world physics in combat in these games.


I am trying hard not to care about another MMORPG ever, but addmittedly, this WoW video is hard to ignore.

I'm not really into this product yet. Blizzard has shown anything to me that makes WoW seem like something I want to play. I'm tired of the whole tredmill deal and don't want to play it anymore.


Uh. That movie link sends me to this page:


I guess they own http.com

is there any way to speed up time till this comes out?  sometimes we need the time compression feature from flight sims in real life.  actually it needs to be as long as we can do it without getting any older.  i dont want to be any closer to 40.

I almost passed out watching this. I'm extremely excited. I've said before, if the combat is at least on par with that in Dark Age of Camelot, I'll be more than satisfied.

Everything else looks absolutely amazing.

I truly despise the entire concept behind these MMORPG's.  Pay for the game and then pay a monthly fee to boot.  Not only is it a cash drain but after the novelty wears off, there's no way you're getting your money's worth from the game.  Personally, I get bored with any game after several weeks of play, no matter how big the gameworld is.  With that being said, I believe Blizzard has the best chance of ever taking my cash with WOW.  I've loved every single one of their games and their quality control and balancing is excellent.  But I must admit that WOW and Ghost irk me though.  I want Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 for the pc!