PN03 Shots


Project Number 3 (P.N.03) is coming to the Gamecube some time this spring and releasing in Japan at the end of March. One of the much heralded "Capcom 5" P.N.03 looks to be a futuristic 3rd person shooter that kicks all kinds of ass. The Gaming Age forums have some new shots of the game in action so be sure to check them out!


Thanks Hellstorm.


Did you all see the gameplay video posted on EA a couple weeks back?

The game seemed to be about blowing stuff up while striking elaborate dance poses.

After seeing the video, this description as a "futuristic 3D shooter that kicks all kinds of ass" seems comically inapt.

Who knows. Maybe it's a decent game, but the whole "strike a pose" aspect is pretty disconcerting, to put it delicately.

Yes, I've seen the 2 videos released (the new one and the Capcom 5 collage). They have both convinced me not to buy this game. The look, the style is amazing, very "Episode I". But after you see it in motion... No, thank you.

I'm much more excited about Viewtiful Joe.

Well, in Shinji Mikami I trust. He hasn't done a bad game yet. DMC2 didn't get his touch, look how it turned out.

Mex, you do know that Capcom has not shown any later levels from the game. These are shots from the same level.

Also, I fear that although Viewtiful looks cool, gameplay might get repetative quick. This looks like there is more too it than at first glance, with the combo meter and the linking of moves.

This was the lowest of the 5 on my list, now it's moved to second highest.