George Lucas Hates You!


In what I can only term a classic Lucas decision, Harry at AICN is reporting that at a recent public Q&A it was revealed that the original, unenhanced Star Wars trilogy will _never_ be released on DVD.  Though there's no clarification as to exactly what we will see on DVD for the original trilogy, I'd wager we will be treated only to the Jabbarific Special Edition.  Naturally, this news is still solidly in the category of uncertain rumor, but it strikes me as in character.  Here's the link.  Normally I'd ask you to read on at this point, but there's really no point in extending a three or four paragraph diatribe on what a complete putz Lucas has turned out to be.  It's all been said before, though I welcome you to comment and blow off some steam if you like, or even support the decision ... if you dare.


He's running out of feet to shoot himself in.

Odd. He could release it on DVD without featuring any additional content and he'd still earn loads of cash. Maybe he's too rich, being a billionaire must hurt.

Lucas is a jack ass. There is no reason why they aren't on DVD today along with Indiana Jones. But, Star Wars nerds keep buying his crap in the new VHS package he sells every few years.



get a DVD burner and a video capture card and make one yourself!

There's a rumor going around that he's banished the Original Trilogy to prevent his ex wife from getting any royalties.  What kind of a woman inspires so much spite that you would screw over all of your fans?

I dont think its so much the woman but the man, since he has been systematically screwed everything up since the Special Editions. He probably is a little insecure, being a complete idiot and all.

I just want the damn Indiana Jones trilogy. I don't care what they do with Star Wars anymore.

Oh great, so now people i've never even met hate me? I guess he must have read some of my posts.

You know, I just smile and nod when George says stuff like this.  Then I look over at my bookshelf and smile.  My Original Trilogy sitting nice and save in the Collectors Edition Laser Disc Set. 



Ahh that would be safe not save.....   Gezzzz can't even edit my own comments......


I wouldn't mind so much, because I personally like the THX enhanced versions that were released in the theaters several years back... but what really bothers me is the rumors I've heard that he's going to add scenes to make the new trilogy and old trilogy make sense with each other. That pisses me off. You wanna ***** the new trilogy, Lucas? Be my guest, but don't ruin the old one in the process!!

Sorry, Magus.  I tend to agree with Gamma.  I don't think that's necessarily a link we'd like to have here.  Hope you understand.

- Elysium

No prob. Elysium.  Sorry about that.  Guess I should have thought twice before posting that. 


Geogre Lucas doesn't hate us. He just hate's ***** up and he does it all the time and feels it is better by sweeping his sh*t under the carpet.

Actually, yea... he does hate us.