May 9th to 15th


The lead up to E3 always leaves us pretty short on new and exciting games since all the hype and overblown expectations tend to drown out any game that actually exists on shelves. That being the case, our Game of the Week is the best game of all. Hype. With Microsoft broadcasting an MTV preview of the Xbox 360 this Thursday you have to wonder if Sony will try to steal some of that thunder with an announcement of their own. Either way, we're only nine days away from the big show and the hype is going to be crazy. I made a button!

On DVD this week we have Alone in the Dark, Assault on Precinct 13, The Merchant of Venice and more!

Knights of Honor (05/10)
Restricted Area (05/10)
Poker Superstars (05/10)
Supreme Ruler 2010 (05/10)
Hoyle Blackjack Series (05/12)
Hoyle Poker Series (05/12)

Cold Winter (05/10)
Haunting Ground (05/10)
In The Groove (05/10)

Donkey Konga 2 (05/09)

Need for Speed Underground 2 (05/10)

Smart Bomb (05/10)


What? A game for the GameCube? Surely not! : O

Hey Certis, nice button.

Mex wrote:

What? A game for the GameCube? Surely not! : O

Yeah, but it's an innovative, forward-thinking, ground-breaking, genre-defining, paradigm-shifting.... sequel.

I hope Supreme Ruler 2010 doesn't suck as bad as Super Power 2 did.

Public Enemy wrote:

Don't believe the hype!

On the eve of my first trip to e3, that button has special significance. I am so irrationally excited I am infused with pure hype. It courses through my veins. Indeed, I am hype itself. I am one with the button.

Where's the demo*?! No purchase without a demo*!

*Valid alternatives include: multiplayer, multiplayer co-op, no monthly fees, patch, not being from EA

Hype... that was priceless!

Finally a week where I can just save my money.

*edited for bad spelling*

and there isn't a single XBox title coming out this week!

"We don't have Hype, but we have 100 copies of Hype 2: The Return".

Certis wrote:

I made a button!

Yes, you did! And we're very proud of you, sweetie!

I made a button!

Please assure us it's the OFF button and not the TURBO button. Old school!

I made a button!

I can't seem to press the button. It's broke just like the site.