Thursday Night Raven Shield!

It's Thursday (already) and time yet again for some hard-core Raven Shield! Since we're so close to Independence day I'm sure many of you are feeling all patriotic and sh*t.

Team Speak is now Up! password "stan"

Ok game is up at

pass: stan

Yeah, I''m planning on trying to play again tonight. Please tell me I''m not the only one. The team of Certis and Elysium is fine for writing cleverly worded editorials, but not so hot for organizing a plan to stop terrorists. Usually we just end up shooting each other. Sometimes it''s on accident.

Well I plan on being there as the meat shield! I hope that UbiSoft have come round and sorted Elysiums PC out and we don''t have to listen to the tears of frustration at being left out of the Crack combat team that is Team GWJ!

Hey I can be there, I didnt see this thread until now. Whos gonna host teamspeak?

BTW if I suddenly disappear from the game and don''t come back don''t worry I haven''t got fed up with you all it''s probably cause I''ve been having non stop trouble with my ISP recently and my cable modem is very paartial to random disconnects sometimes for hours on end. VERY annoying!

I''ll be hosting Team Speak at 8PM CST sharp!

Team Speak is now Up! password ""stan""

Ok game is up at

pass: stan

Kegboy: ""It''s got a heartbeat, it must be hostile!""

classic., next time try to pull your weight and not look so much like a terrorist, I mean I can''t be blamed for shooting you 8 times if you sneak through the door unannounced, right?...

Sorry, I was distracted by Certis, it''s tough to make sure he doesn''t sneak up behind you ya know? Oh and Certis, I can see you in my bushes out my bedroom window, that''s not cool.

/Elysium opens his mouth to speak ....

falls over promptly dead.

I just want to know where the hell Reaper was! He''s shipping out soon you know.

I''m sorry I forgot to post that I am out of town for the holiday. I left early Thursday morning and met up with my bestest best friend''s family. She''d been in Australia for six months and it was looking pretty dicey that I may not have gotten to see her before I shipped out. But I did! She flew in late Thursday and we''ve been hanging out ever since.

I may get to make the next game but I''m not sure. The parents are starting to get kind of crazy about ""over there.""

Oh... It frickin'' figures the one time all damn summer I''m away from the internet, Blizzard goes and release the 1.10 beta!