Planetside - What Does it Need for $12.95?

I started this in the other thread. I'm going to flesh it out further here to get it off my chest and clear my thoughts.

I started with special gun attacks like in Anarchy online. AO also has an engineer class who's "pet" is a series of droids.

Obviously you'd have to split up Combat Engineering further since you wouldnt want the ability to do all these powerful abilities with a few credits. Perhaps droid mechanic is its own spin off of Engineering, a peer to Combat Engineering. Here is a list of possible applications for droid making:

Remote repair of vehicles. This can be in a side kick form that you can send out too repair a fixed amount before it returns to your side. It can also be like a grenade. Lob the single use repairbot onto the designated vehicle or MAX.

Moving mines. Lob them and they scurry along the ground homing towards the nearest target and explode.

MAX decoy mines (illusions). They shoot randomly causing no damage.

Portable turret. Well they have this with the Spitfires. However, you cant drop one and man it yourself like the wall turrets. This one you can and you can pick it back up when you exit the turret.

Sidekick turret that follows you around like a familiar and shoots what you shoot.

A roving RC-sized plane that scans for troop location like a mosquito on a smaller scale.

Here are some ideas for Stealth:

A slow passwall ability that only works on outer tower walls and base fences.

A wall meld ability (you can still be shot and detected) or camoflage into large equiptment.

Here are some vehicle ideas:

A 2 person Reaver with a rear and downward facing turret. Pilot has no guns.

EMP bomber that disrupts enemy radar signals used for invasions.

Medical transport (air, land or both) that is fuel hungry and needs to be fed like the ANT vehicles.

EMP versions of the Wraith or Basilisk to disrupt enemy radar.

2 person Wraith or Basilisk.

Aircraft variant of the Wraith (cloaking). To remain cloaked the speed is slower than Wraith but you can fly. Perhaps even to stay cloaked you need to be hovering.

Well thats it for the first pass brainstorming...

You know, Fang. When you ask a question and then give us _all_ the answers it makes it more difficult for others to contribute. Yeah, if they had all that stuff, I''d pay my $12.95. An easier solution is for them to drop that montly price to around $7.95 or not charge $50 at point of purchase. I''d probably pay that.

Im not so sure I want them changing the game, instead I just want them to drop the price. I like the game the way it is, and adding in new stuff might just upset the balance.


True! But I''m not the only one who played this game and had these kind of thoughts.

I havent even touched Hacking or Sniper.

What about things like: subterranian (caves), floating bases (air and sea), ships, subs, cruise missiles, etc?

C''mon its supposed to be inspirational!

Weapons of mass destruction. No question.

Seriously though. I was out shopping with my friend, The_Bishop and he was shocked to see that Planetside retailed for fifty bucks plus the monthly. I mean, it''s a really good game but it is so hard to justify $156 dollars a year plus the fifty dollar start up.

I had finally found a set-up that worked for me right before the Beta ended. Anti-Infantry Max was where it was at. There''s nothing more gratifying than running down a bunch of hapless fools with rifles and then mercilessly slaughtering them. Of course, you have to watch out for the hapless fools with rocket launchers.

There were also too many loose ends. The ass-tacular voice chat, the random hard crashes and crashes to desktop... oy-vey! Not counting the weak feeling weapons.

I''m not joking about the Weapons of Mass Destruction, though. Imagine planting a nuke at someone''s Sanctuary before a server reset.

Well, I hope the Bombers coming out soon will be cool. I also like the Armor transport (a'' la Galaxy but for vehicles), and the anti-air vehicle should be interesting.
When they add the ability to put platoons together, that will be sweet.

But after all that, I''d like to see naval warfare implemented. Some continent with islands, making the naval battles important would be excellent.

Yomm, definitely keep us abreast of what''s going on in Planetside. Once it has a bit more for my money, and maybe a little better stability, I''d love to play it again. I just need to be able to justify it to myself.

"Elysium" wrote:

Yomm, definitely keep us abreast of what''s going on in Planetside.

Not only will I do that, but if anyone decides to come back, I''ll try and get you interested in our Outfit. We lead the game in points (Not that points has anything to do with it per say, but bragging is bragging. ) and will continue to do so.