Working on the Forums

So, you may have noticed the forums look a touch different. We're doing a lot of work (by we I mean Pyroman) here so things are going to be a little up in the air for a bit. Let me, Certis, or Pyro know if you experience problems or bugs.

And, before you ask, yes we're going to work on the color scheme.

[Edit: You can also go to your Profile and change the option marked Board Style to subSilver to get a more familiar layout until we have a better default set up.]

I'll also post a brief note on the front page.

Nice job Pyroman. I like seeing all the changes being made to improve the sight. Way to go guys.

I actually like this new grey look. That subsilver was fugly!

Well I changed it to Subsilver so suck it down!


I really enjoy this Quick Reply feature.

Also I get to choose a custom title now.

And, hopefully we can merge the subSilver and site themes somehow so they blend better. But thats left up to Certis (check your messages) as I can match music about like a color blind pirate orangutan.

*edit* custom title! Either Server Ninja or Server Monkey. Server Ninja Monkey sounded too busy.

I kinda just like Ninja Monkey. It doesn''t have the ''Server'' element, but you got to admit, Ninja Monkey just sounds cool.

And, yes, the Quick Reply feature I just used is very cool.

Amazon Ninja Monkeys from Planet X


Under the master guidance of expert Hu Flung Pu

Everything looks a lot bettter. Keep it up. Thanks for the hard work.

I wonder who is currently logged in as Sway. It appears I (Sway) am currently logged in as Demiurge. Hooray for cookies!

Looks good, but I''m going to have to get used to all this information cramed on one screen.

Of course, I still have screen eyes from yesterdays marathon session.

(edit: Is my picture lost?)

Looks good, guys! The quickreply is quite handy. You''re braver than I to delve into the phpbb code...

Yomm, I''m sure we''ll get your picture back. I''m just going to have Certis look into it.

Thanks for putting up with some house-cleaning all.

Ahh yes I like the forums a lot more this way, Quick Reply gives a real good incentive to participate with topics more

"Elysium" wrote:

I''m just going to have Certis look into it.

So many witty retorts, so little time, so just a few highlights:

That should be your creed.
As opposed to...??

"Elysium" wrote:

Yomm, I''m sure we''ll get your picture back.

If you smack him on his head a few times, maybe he''ll get his picture back. Assuming he''s like a television.

yup I have to agree I like the new look of the site, keep up the good work guys, right I''m off to see Matrix Reloaded (premiere night here in the UK)

Looks awesome. Thanks!

Looking good guys. You''ve done a great job of creating a fun place to hang out over the last few months. Congratulations and be sure to keep up the great work.