Thursday Night Raven Shield

I don't know about you guys, but I need it. Sweet digital release. Say, 8pm CST, shoot some terrorists, maybe a teamate or two, have some laughs? Yeah, you know you want to.

Server going up in at 8pm CST

Gamers with jobs
IP if you need it is:
Pass: stan

I know its a bit off topic and I'll probably kick my-self later for asking but is Raven Shield out,... or you playing beta/demo. Because I went to the store yesterday to pick up a Wireless PC Card, and I thought let me pick up a game... so I browsed through and pick up Raven Shield, and it''s said pre-order only... and I'm going out-loud ""Uh!""

Its been out a while, I got it at gogamer madness. Maybe theyre out or something, are you in a foreign country?

Also, I suggest we use TeamSpeak tonight, everyone I know says its great, and maybe itll fix my microphone problems. We should try it, and if it doesn''t work go back to our old standby GameVoice.

Dear God yes I will be there, I need to shoot something.

New York City, NY USA!

"Nei" wrote:

New York City, NY USA!

So, yes, a foreign country.

Maybe he was referring to the Xbox version?

A small voice offers up this supplication to the Burning Planes:
Will Reaper Be There?


"Koesj" wrote:

Maybe he was referring to the Xbox version?

Nope, It was for PC... and I check other stores which is to my surprise, the game was out for a while. A soon I found that out I went back to the office and kicked my-self for asking the question to begin with!

It looks like team speak will be a go. Sounds great. I guess we will see how it works with a few of us on tonight. While we play the game.

Here''s the deal on Team Speak. I''ll be leaving the server running from now and all through the night so if you want to make sure you can connect ok go for it.

Password: stan

Just login anonymous and you should be fine. You can enter a nickname for yourself of course.

Server going up in at 8pm CST

Gamers with jobs
IP if you need it is:
Pass: stan

Cya guys in game

GG all around, I particularly enjoyed getting shot by Elysium.

God that was great. Especially after I turned up the amount terrorists. For those who did not join us. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

A lot of fun. Ciao!

A copy of Raven Shield to fly onto my computer HD...

Slightly more common than pigs flying but still a rare occurrence.

Does the retail have better code or is it more optimized than the demo? I can hit 90fps in Battlefield and 60fps in UT2K3 with my rig but this game runs bad. Any suggestions? Based on the demo I would be afraid to purchase it.

Generally speaking, the UT2k3 engine runs like ass on any computer but it''s not bad in the full retail version of Raven Shield. They optimized a lot of code, if you don''t believe just try manuvering in the demo after you throw a grenade of any type. Your computer will turn into the most expensive slide projector ever. This problem isn''t really there in the retail version.

Pyro, I''m sorry I didn''t kill Elysium for you last night. I really should have; I regret not doing it.

Thanks Reaper. I will have to take a leap of faith on this one. A coworker and I are wanting to play some co-op but the demo made us wary.

Its ok Reaper, a terrorist got justice for me. Next time well gang up on him when hes not looking.

Elysium: ""Ok, Im gonna open this door""
Pyro: ""Sure thing, Ill cover you""
*door opens, Reaper pops out*
Pyro & Reaper: *blam blam blam*
Pyro: ""Oh my bad, I meant Id shoot you thereby fullfilling your karma quotient for today""
Reaper: ""What he said"" *blam blam blam*
Elysium: Well, he doesn''t say anything because hes dead.
Pyro: ""Mmm, I bet the body is still warm""

The full retail version of RS doesn''t run like COMPLETE ass, but it isn''t exactly super smooth either. I find that if you crank the resolution down you get a major FPS boost though.

I will crank the reso down to 800 *GASP* first and see what happens. Thanks for the tip.

Another big thing with Raven sheild is the 3d sound. Not the option you click on in game but actually turning off your 3d sound on your card will give you big frame boost.

Okay, I''ve been wanting to join you guys for this event ever since it was first announced. Budget constraints prevented me at the time, but those may be surmountable now. I''m also usually finishing up (or starting) my Friday comic on Thursday nights, but I can try and get that done earlier. Still, before I drop the dollars, answer me these questions three.

1. Are you still interested in playing it? You''ve been playing it for several weeks now and there are new and shiny games out there. I would probably never play the single player, and would only enjoy this type of game playing multi with people I know. Do you forsee yourselves playing this much longer?

2. How is the framerate? I''m sick of buying games that require me to react quickly when I''m only presented with a handful of frames per second.

3. Is there room for a clumsy newbie? One of you tried posting a helpful guide to the armor and things that go bang, but all it did was make me hide. I''m not into that aspect. I''m into hanging out, drinking drinks at the stick, and maybe occasionally lobbing a grenade into a shack full of terrorists.

So here''s your chance to convince me to join up or stay away. Fire at will.

I still plan on playing, its pretty fun, and Im not going to get tired of it anytime soon with a once a week play schedule.

Framerate sorta sucks, but if you lower the detail and the resolution it should be okay. At 800x600 I get pretty good fps, the network lag is what gets me.

The newbie stuff is okay, basically you pick your primary gun, secondary gun and what type of grenades you want and youre good to go. There is no armor.

I wouldnt pay 50 for it, but I got it at gogamer for 30, and its been worth my money for that much. If youre only planning on multi Id try to find a discount somewhere.

I still enjoy playing this game. Lots of fun.

Certis and I were talking about this the other day, and I don''t see us getting tired of it any time soon. For one thing, we play it pretty much one night a week, and we have a terrific time doing it so that, 1) we have a reason to keep coming back, but 2) we aren''t burning out on it. Honestly, it''s sort of become more of a way to just get together and play a fantastically fun co-op multiplayer game than anything else. It''s a pretty different situation than D2.

Framerate? Hard to say. As you can see some people have had zero problems from the start, and others are getting some wierd stutter. I don''t think I''ve heard any complaints of the kind we had for last nights Planetside adventure.

As for the clumsy noob? What on God''s Green Earth makes you think there''s one among us who is not a noob? If last weeks grenade lobbing, team kill slaughter proved anything, it''s that Pyroman is a newbie ... and so are most of the other people. The irony here being that I''m picking on the guy who gets ten kills to my one, with that one often being Pyro himself.

Please don''t defile my corpse.

That''s one thing I think we''ve done better with Raven Shield than D2 and that''s we only really play one night a week. As for the newbie factor, don''t worry about it. As Elysium said, we''re all pretty new. We''re still finding stuff out. I think I''ve just finally found a gun that works for me. I stick with the Mp5k PDW with a C-mag and I''ve only been playing this game for over a month now.

Oh, if you do plan on playing, just realize that everything Elysium tries to do involving grenades goes horribly, horribly ""awry"".

Oh, Elysium... who said anything about a corpse?

Elysium dont feel too bad, youre one step above the guys I played Rainbox Six with. One of them would get behind everybody, especially on outdoor maps, and then drop a grenade stealthily. Then hed go ""Oohh! cool, everybody look, a frog!"". Wed all go back and look at the poorly detailed green rectangle and say ""thats a pretty crappy frog"". Then wed all die.

Reaper, there has to be a corpse, otherwise who''s corpse would I defile? I guess we could start killing terrorists.... nah that''s just silly. Certis moves pretty slow, I guess hes next on the list.