GameSpot does a new preview of DX: Invisible War

From GameSpot, of course.

Yow. Does that ever look nice. I'm guessing the "Mako" people are then Smith and Wesson of the mid-21st Century.

"Uh oh, better get Mako."

That UI looks very interesting, I wonder how it will work in practice. Im all for breaking out of traditional (Quake) UIs, but I dont want it to feel like a console, where the manual says ""To switch augmentation, hit (x)... I mean Ctrl and up seven times, then (a) + (b), err Spacebar."" It just looks like you select everything from a circular menu.

I played Deus Ex and replay and reply so many time and seen every single ending... and i''m still thinking putting it back on my HD, So that i can go through it for a 100th time... Now Deus Ex2, i can''t wait... i must have it, who cares about HL2 or Doom 3. The only thing i want is DE2... well actually i would not go that far... HL2 will out same time around DE... Must get them all! Wow i feel like a little boy in the candy store...