Games as Art


Gamespy has posted an article that begs the age-old question, will games become art or are they already? Fargo compares the current games industry to the early days of movies when people were more interested and excited by the technology than the actual content. That's changed?

I often look at the gaming industry today and I'm reminded of the movie industry about a century ago. Back then, the business was technology-driven; the whole idea of a "moving picture" was a novelty. People would pay a nickel to turn a crank and watch a man run, or they'd go into a theatre just to see a grainy black and white train drive at the screen (and in some cases, they'd dive out of the way.) It was certainly entertainment, but hardly an art. It was the pioneer work of the early directors, like D.W. Griffith, who demonstrated that you could use the new medium to tell stories. Film techniques we take for granted -- like transitions from scene to scene or using editing to show the passage of time -- all had to be "invented" and audiences had to adjust. What was once a nickelodeon gimmick soon became a respected art form. In fact, film is arguably one of the most powerful artistic mediums we employ today.


I can see where he is going with this, I mean basically gaming became a visual story telling that you can participate in, and actually good example for this will be the Final Fantasy series. Just look at it this way, Deus Ex would make killer book, but who would read a book rather than play through it! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



but who would read a book rather than play through it!

Dude, Choose Your Own Adventure.

No thanks! I got enough of that at work!, ....everyday is an adventure!

another recent article about this whole games are art thing can be found at  Greg Costikyan's blog.

And not to toot my own horn, I posted my own thoughts on the subject at my own blog last month  Basically, rather than argue if games are or are not art, I ask, "Why do we care?" I love games the way they are. I really don't care if anyone thinks they are art or not.