Legend of Roo: Baby Number Two! (Now with Pics! and Name!)

For those of you who followed the saga (and were so incredibly supportive), I thought I'd share some news.

Our son was born today at 8:40 a.m. CET (1:40 a.m. EST), 3.7 kg (8 lbs 2 oz). Mother and baby are both doing great. This whole giving birth thing seems much more relaxed the second time around. I pretended to be a dentist for the morning, because only doctors are allowed in the delivery room for c-section births. (For my daughter I was a cardiologist.) Getting to play with him during his first minutes of life while the doctors closed up was once again absolutely incredible. Our doctor asked us mid-way through, "Are you guys okay" to which I responded, "You can set off fireworks if you want. We wouldn't notice."

A friend of ours took some amazing digital pics, and as soon as I get those via email or CD, I'll be posting them.

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10 hrs old


mom, baby, "hazzobabbas" ("silly daddy" or "Daddy who is crazy about his kid/s")

oh, and his name is Alexandros Noel.....

Woo! Wait, does GWJ get the second one? I'll have to pull up that contract ...


Congrats Dr. Roo & Company

Many congrats. Can't wait to see pictures of the new addition to the family.

Awesome, Roo! Happiness to you and your growing family:)

Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear everyone's doing well.

Congratulations Roo! It's sheer, distilled awesomeness to hear about all the amazing things that have happened to you in the past few years.

Grats! The story of Roo just keeps getting better!


Wow, I didn't even know you were expecting a second! Congratulations, and enjoy the son, they tend to be a bit more of a handful in early life. Your Legend is still one of my all-time favorite stories, I'm glad the happily ever after is still going strong.

Another cool chapter to a cooler story.

Your saga is an inspiration. Congratulations on the new young'n.

Congratulations Roo!

Off to the Commandments with this one.

Wow, it just keeps getting better! I found the experience with the second one to be much less anxious as well. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Congrats, Roo and family!

Congrats to the entire Roo clan!

Congrats. Glad everything went well -- Dr.

Congarats to Roo, DDS and family

Pics or it didn't happen...

Congratulations Another chapter to the bestest Goodjer fairytale evar


Congratulations! Every time I read another chapter in the Roo saga, I end up going back and rereading all of them. It's like a favorite storybook - I always wind up smiling like crazy. I'm so very happy for you, Roo. I'm so glad you wound up with the family of your dreams. It just goes to show that it really is worth taking risks in life.

Don't forget to update with pics when you can - I love baby pictures!

I am holding my congrats hostage until I see a picture and hear a name.

I dunno. I think this show has been slkiding since the second season....the writers are just resting on their laurels.

More seriously, congratulations.

Congrats! Your life always fills me with happiness and hope.

thanks for all the warm wishes, folks.

Elysia -- wow, I thought it was just me who re-reads all of them (well, okay, all of them starting with getting an email from Greece....). Seriously, though, re-reading all of the love and support, and vicarious enjoyment from my gwj family...fills me with such wonder, gratitude, and (cue the cheesey 80s love ballads) just good loving feelings.

I don't think, in fact, I *know* I could not have gotten through all of the difficult parts back when the saga first began, without my gwj family. Then to be able to share the whole miraculous, GOD LIT A 30 FT NEON ROADSIGN FOR YOU, NOW FOLLOW IT, journey I've been on...there just aren't good enough words.

except perhaps oogaba. that is, and will always be, a damned good word.

OK, now I shall say Congrats!!!

Woot! congrats mate!

He's so cute!


I think pretending to be a dentist is a much better choice. I could see me pretending to be a cardiologist, and something happens during the birth where they turn to me and say "good thing you are here!" What possibly could a dentist be needed for? "This baby has no teeth! Quick! Give her to her father!"

Ok, so Dr_Awkward just told me to sit and read your whole love story, and I did. (No, i don't always listen to him, but was glad I did tonight).

What an amazing story, and I hope that you print it out and share it with your children someday! Congrats to you and your wife.