The persecution continues!

The persecution against gamers continues! When will the discrimination end? Fortunately, our nation is a strong one.

Ex-trooper sent to halfway house for giving game hints to inmates:

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (AP) -- A former State Police trooper freed from prison last year will have to spend 90 days in a federal correctional halfway house for trying to help a couple of inmates beat a video game.

I think the next lines are crucial here:

""A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Gary L. Messenger II of Bluefield violated his supervised release when he sent a letter to two inmates at Mount Olive Correctional Complex that contained game hints he had obtained from the Internet. Messenger then lied about the letter to his probation officer, Brett Taylor.

The terms of Messenger''s federal supervised release included no communication with convicted felons.""

There ya go, nothing against gaming.

Yes, I know. I was trying to exaggerate a bit. It was one of those, what''cha call them, ""jokes"". I heard about them on the internet, but plainly I''m not good enough to replicate one.

I got the humor Mex. I thought it was good.

Gamers unite!