Have you read my Vietcong Impressions today? You should, it's an excellent game that you may never have heard about before.

It's a sleeper hit which involved the same guys behind Mafia and the Hidden and Dangerous series. Grab the multiplayer demo over here.

Anyone else had a chance to try this one out?

I downloaded the demo as soon as it was released and was pretty pleasantly surprised as I hadn''t really liked te screenshots too much. I enjoyed the demo and especially enjoyed semi submerging myself in the river and sniping my workmates

I think that it will be a good team game as well as it was also great fun to split up into teams and take each other on, some great opportunities for ambushes as the camo works pretty well.

Don''t know anythying about the single player yet but hopefully they''ll relase a demo soon.

Wow! Thats all I can say so far. I picked this up for a lan party and figured it would make a nice diversion between games of AOW. This ended up being all we played. Maybe it''s just that I still love deathmatch, and these maps really kicked ass in a small four player deathmatch LAN setting.

I highly recommend downloading the nocd patch. Improved my frames rates enough to notice.