UT Bonus Pack Available


Checking over at Fileplanet I noticed they've got the Unreal Tournament 2003 bonus pack available for download

The Bonus Pack from Digital Extremes includes 6 all-new maps: 3 deathmatch, 2 CTF and 1 Bombing Run. The umod version should only be downloaded if you have the 2166 patch and are not running a dedicated server-only version of UT2K3.

Also available at Fileshack and UnrealPlayground

*Update* As Pyroman so politely noted, the latest UT2003 patch v2186 appears today as well.  Hit Fileplanet or Fileshack (among a host of other links, I'm certain) to update.


I really don't want to appear ungrateful, and I salut e any developer that releases free content, but most of the new maps are really unplayable due to the framerates. The UC maps that were ported over were really nice though, it's cool to see them in all their hi-res glory.

What? No SpaceCow? Damn you CliffyB! *sob*

Seriously, anybody know where I can get a SpaceCow for UT2K3?

Also guys, they have a new UT2K3 patch out, with a ton of fixes