UN, international aid agencies won't work in US-run Iraq

Actually I have the full Federalist papers on my reading list. We glossed over them (which is offensive) in my recent early American Lit class between Common Sense and a half-dozen chapters of Franklin''s autobiography. What I''ve read of Hamilton, I''ve very much enjoyed and thought about. I''m working my way through David McCullough''s John Adams biography now, and recently finished Ellis'' Founding Brothers. Next on my reading list is Ralph Nader''s Crashing the Party (not because I''m a particular Nader fan, but I''m interested in his perspective), and then I think the Federalist papers will find their way back in front of me.

Mostly, I''m just trying to indicate that I''m not ill-informed on my American history, or the foundation of our modern political structure.

You might also like to take a look at Tom Paine''s Right''s of Man, as well as Locke''s works, and Webster''s speeches/essays(The 7th century Whig-not the dictionary) Just for some interesting reading