Real benefits for Iraq?

What do you think will be the real benefits for Iraq after the war?

I mean, I hope the US embargo will finally be lifted, saving many lives.

But besides that?

As I've read, they're a mess, and Saddam is in power mostly because he has pitted all the Iraqi tribes against each other. So it's very unlikely that a democratic government will be installed, particularly after a forced deposition by the US.

Here''s what I thought was an irony:

For years, protestors have ""demanded"" a lifting of the sanctions against Iraq and the end of No-Fly Zone overflights, saying that Iraqi children were dying left and right.

Now, you have the same people saying that with the sanctions and the overflights, Saddam is contained and war can be avoided, thus saving Iraqi children.


They will own the largest glass making factory in the world !!

You only have to look at Afghanistan at the moment to have that answered. I know it hasn''t been that long since it was ""liberated"" and like Kosovo and other countries it has a long way to go I do believe that the populace will benefit. Hopefully after the war the embargoes will be lifted and their economy will pick up, they''ll be able to rebuild their infrastructure and their oil economy. They''ll also hopefully be able to express themselves and pick their own leader.