Andy Serkis Interview


AICN has posted a nice interview with Andy Serkis, the man behind Gollum in The Two Towers. Most of the talk centers around all of the justifications behind giving Andy a supporting actor nomination for his work on Gollum. They also speak a bit about CGI character work in general and what it means for actors in the industry.

Impressive as the conflicted inner-monologue is, his on-set interplay with Elijah Wood and Sean Astin was equally crucial. Andy raves about this experience. Â"That was the great thing, you know. Where Peter was really clever was in saying, Â"˜Okay, what I want is an actor on set to make all of the actor choices, to be in the moment and have that reciprocal energy with Elijah and Sean, so that the scenes are played for real. And, from there, use that as the core of the character.Â'Â" Combined with the later motion capture work, this gave the filmmakers an unprecedented amount of leeway, and though they ended up using mostly motion capture footage, Andy is adamant that his involvement earlier in the process was a tremendous aid to the characterÂ's verisimilitude; thus, sparing his co-stars from having to draw reciprocal energy from the dreaded tennis ball on a stick (which, coincidentally, I hear is behind on its SAG dues).   


Did anybody bother to Andy that the AICN people are...loony toony (I need better clean insults)?

Or that they'd take whatever he says and turn it into unreadable gibberish, just like everything else on that site? Punctuation is your friend!