Console and PC demographics of GWJ

I realize part of the GWJ attitude is that all consoles are created equal, and that we should love our neighbor. I'm not presenting this poll to instigate any console warfare. I'm just curious what the general demographics of the crew is here.

(If Certis or Elysium think this is working against the corporate mission statement, feel free to zap the topic.)

I was going to use a Poll, but something tells me it won't let you pick multiple

Whatcha own for gaming that you actually use regularly?
Me: PC, GBA, Gamecube

I''m a PC gamer, but I''d like to get a GC and maybe an X-Box one of these days. I''ve still got an old playstation, but I don''t really use it much.

Good topic Sway

I''m a big PC games player and have far too many games to count,Whereas I have a PS 2 but only 4 games for it. I''m thinking of buying an X-box too, but generally I''m unwilling to buy console titles due to cost versus rental price. PC games i find are generally cheaper.Next definite purchase is one of tyhe new GBA''s (For my Hoochie).

In my collection, which I play regularly:


I also have a SNES but it only get''s used probably every couple months, not too regularly.

I''d like to get an Xbox as well, but I have to get my new wheels before I get one..

I am primarily a PC gamer, but I recently received an X-Box as a gift. I only have two games for it: NHL Hitz 2003 and Splinter Cell (but I have borrowed others from friends). I agree with Kegboy... the price of console games seem a little high.

I haven''t had a lot of time for gaming since the arrival of little Wumpus.

pc, gamecube, xbox and ps2.
With the ps2 getting the most action lately. Although I''ve kind of been neglecting bf1942 and I get the sneaking suspicion that Nazis have been running rampant in my absence.

I''ve been primarily a PC gamer, but I''ve been a huge fan of handheld gaming, so I''ve owned many of the handheld consoles over the years. Currently, besides my PC, I own a Dreamcast, and am waiting for the next GBA to come out.

PC, Xbox, and Dreamcast.

I''ve been mostly a PC gamer post-SNES. Didn''t really like playing on TVs. Recently we got a killer DLP projector setup though. Sitting on the couch is nice - the Xbox has really been cutting into my PC time. Even more now that I have Live.

A PS2 or Gamecube would be fun, but they don''t play very nicely with my VGA-only projector.

Excellent topic! It''s always good to know what everyone is in to.

For myself, I own a PS2, Xbox, GC and an above average PC so I tend to play all of them at some point or another. Most of my time is spent on the PC though, maybe 68.4%

You know, roughly.

I own a PC, GC, XBox, PS2, GBA, DC, and all the old major consoles. I spend about 60% of my gaming time on the PC depending on what games I''m playing. I''ve been a few upcoming MMORPG beta tests so my PC gaming time has been about 85% but it will go down. I just got Skies of Arcadia Legends for my GC so it''s my console of choice and most likely will stay that way until Zelda comes out.

I beat DMC2 in a weekend so my PS2 is waiting for Breath of Five 5 and XenoSaga.

The next Xbox game I want is KOTOR.

PC, primarely for internet, online gaming and software applications. Xbox for that fun romp you need every other day, once I get Live it should be a whole different ballgame though. I can picture myself playing for hours with that service. Somewhere around here lies a GameBoy Color too, use it on the plane and long bus and train travels.

Damn, I was all ready to stab this thread in the eye, and then kick it down a flight of metal stairs, but Certis is right there''s nothing wrong with this thread. Like we''ve said before, having a preference isn''t a problem. Bullying other people up for not having the same opinion is.

Personally I''m a big PC fan, but the Xbox has been stealing an increasing amount of time. I thought Panzer Dragoon was an excellet diversion, and NHL 2K3 is still one of the best hockey games I''ve played.

However, with Road to Rome and Freelancer on the horizon, it''s going to be hard to pull me away from my PC.

- Elysium

PC (substandard so I don''t do much gaming on it these days) and an XBox.

Currently, I''m rocking the GCN, PS2 and Microsoft Monolith. My dearly loved PC, however, has hit the point where it can''t think too good no more, let alone play a game. Upgrading this summer, around Deus Ex 2 time, methinks.

ATARI 2600 IS TEH ONLY C0nS0l3 F0R M3!!!

Seriously, I own:


Right now my time is evenly spent with the PS2 and PC.
My girlfriend (amazing isn''t it) is playing Animal Crossing on GC.
It''s her first game; isn''t it sweet?

PC gets most of my playtime currently thanks to BF1942 and Homeworld: Cataclysm. GC is used frequently as well thanks to games such as ED and the recently purchased Soccer Slam. Probably not going to play a lot though until Winning Eleven 6 FE and Metroid Prime arrive over here. Other systems are still often used at multiplayer sessions we host once in a while: GC (Monkey Ball, Beach Spikers, Soccer Slam) as well as the DC (Virtua Tennis 2, ChuChu Rocket), N64 (Mario Party 3, Mario Tennis), PSX (MicroManiacs 8-player mode rocks), SNES (Bomberman 1-3) and Saturn (Saturn Bomberman).

Still have some other systems sitting around, but I use them rarely. Strangely enough purchasing a PS2 was never tempting enough to me despite the console''s huge game library. There hasn''t been a single game that really made me want to get that thing (whereas the GC was a safe purchase for party purpose with nice singleplayer titles in addition to that).

I started as a console gamer waaay back in the day. I kinda turned into a pc gamer in the early 90''s. And though I will never give up my pc for gaming, I''ve found that I''ve enjoyed my two consoles this last year more than my pc. And I have to admit that overall there are more console games I''m looking forward to this year than pc games.

Oh yeah, my two consoles are my beloved Xbox, and my sometimes beloved GCN.


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Excellent signature Certis! Oh what the hell? !!!!!!!!!!

I have a PC, PS2 and a DC. The DC gets the most play :>. After that, my PC (tho less and less), and lastly the PS2, but that''s because it lacks new games.

I''ve got all the consoles, but in order of play-time:


My PC is too slow for anything newer than Quake 2

My PC is too slow for anything newer than Quake 2

Ahhh! the joys of working in an IT office where (with a little ""creative bookwork"") your upgrades are cheap or even better free!

I''m a mix of both, and tend to game on the various platforms in spurts.

- XBox
- PC
- PS2
- GC

That''s how I''m playing right now. Working in front of a PC all day kinda turns me off to sitting in front of it again at home, so I expect my PC gaming is on the decline for the moment.

Gamecube, PS2, Xbox and PC all get fairly regular use, depending on what games came out during the month, with the Gamecube (for Tony Hawk) and PS2 (for DDR) getting the most regular use. Playing a lot of Warcraft 3 and Devil May Cry 2 right now though.

Game Cube
PC- which will crash even if I MENTION I want to play a game on it. It''s probably for the best, when it was working I was playing WarCraft III and getting absolutely destroyed.

Heres my playlist usage right now


The thing is, I just find a game I want to play and then play it. So two weeks ago, I was using my PS2 first with Sly Cooper, before that it was the GC and Metroid Prime. So it varies greatly.

First off, howdy; I''ve lurked about on the EA forums for years. The demographic focus here is refreshing, reminds me of Quarter to Three (back when those folks had the time to update it, anyway).

Xbox, PS2, that order. I never thought I''d go console, but somewhere allong the line I got sick of the yearly PC upgrade routine, and related hardware hassles. That will probably change with Freelancer, and the Total War games are mighty temtping...

Welcome to the forums Gorey, we''re happy to have you!

Xbox, PS2, that order. I never thought I''d go console, but somewhere allong the line I got sick of the yearly PC upgrade routine, and related hardware hassles. That will probably change with Freelancer, and the Total War games are mighty temtping...

Freelancer is looking mighty fun isn''t it? I''ve been trying to beat a preview copy out of Microsoft but so far, no love. The Total War games are a lot of fun although I can never seem to manage to form any great skill with them.

Rome:Total War looks amazing though. Let''s hope it lives up to its promise.

Interesting, very interesting. I thought I''d summarize the posts in this thread for you all. I think the most surprising thing is that there were so few PS2s mentioned. Sony dominates the sales figures every week/month/year, yet it seems to be ""just one of the three"" in our crowd. Thanks for participating, everyone!

Oh...and the frequency ratings probably aren''t incredibly accurate. I just made my best guess on what was specifically mentioned in a person''s post. And since the original question was ""Whatcha own for gaming that you actually use regularly?"" it makes sense that there wasn''t much in the Rarely column. Totals are probably the most telling statistic.


I have a GC, DC, and PS2 for consoles. I have a pretty nice gaming PC.

Currently I am playing:
The Get Away PS2
Animal Crossing GC
1942 PC

A little Gundam when I can. DC

Sway. Don''t let Certis or Elysium know about your statistical and table making skills or next thing you know you''ll be making up tables like:

Intern abuse vs job satisfaction gained:


mail boys sacrificed to dark gods vs unearthly powers gained:

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