Game Deals

Wouldn't it be great if we had a thread here for everyone to post the latest game deal they stumbled on to?


I'm thinking this one can linger around for a while and become useful from time to time.

Here's my contribution: EB is selling Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox) for $20 now. It's not on their website anymore (sold out?), but is probably still at many stores.

Playstation 2''s for $175 (not refurbs). Lots of games too. I listened to a story on the radio about this site. They bought a ton of stuff for Xmas and the holidays were pretty low for retail sales so they are getting rid of

I stopped by Best Buy on the way home from work yesterday (Jan 24). They had a big display of all kinds of games, but there was one that stood out. I picked up Beach Spikers for $9.99. Yup. Under ten bucks. Go and get it. It may not be the deepest volleyball game, and it may not let you gamble and collect, but the price is right for some easy multiplayer fun.

My contribution to the thread: has a Planescape:Torment / SoulBringer combo for 9.95. I''ve not even installed Soulbringer, but it''s your last chance to buy P:T, one of the greatest RPGs out there.

I got torment for 5 euro''s almost a year ago and guess what? It''s impossible for me to bear playing it, I don''t know whats wrong with me but the game is so boring

To really enjoy Planescape Torment you pretty much need to be in the mood for ""a good book"" rather than a good RPG. I''ve been enjoying it so far, I bought that same pack a few months ago

Best Buy had GI Combat for $9.99. I loved all of the Close Combat games, so this was a screaming deal...

I''m always in the mood for a good book maybe my problem is that I have never been playing RPG''s so PS:T would be my first one.

See: Battlefield 1942 $15 at Wal Mart.

In retrospect, the thing I liked best about PT:Torment was in the party interactions- that you actually got story development, depth, and experience talking to your own party members. Made them a heck of a lot more interesting than the usual ''this is my mage, this is my theif, etc'' shtick. Can''t think of any game since that''s done it quite so well.

The skull is a nice guy and all but if a game can''t capture me for the first hour then its uninstall time.

My favorite place for game deals is

Okay, just found this in my trip to WallyWorld for some drugs. They have Freedom Force in the JC for $12. The full thing. Anybody play multiplayer on it much? Is it any fun?

Master of Orion 3 for $39.90 at GoGamer

Plus, there''s rumors that MOO3 is already in stores but they''re under orders from Infrogrames to not release it until the 25th. Don''t you just love publishers?

I''ve heard the same rumor, Rat Boy, but I haven''t been able to confirm it. My local EB guy assures me up and down that he doesn''t have it, even as I beat him with a hose. He did ask me to tell his wife that he loves her, so that''s something.

"Elysium" wrote:

He did ask me to tell his wife that he loves her, so that''s something.

Yeah, it proves that just can''t take no for an answer.

As a GameStop employee I can assure you that our company has not yet shipped out MOO3 to stores, and I doubt they will early. Too high risk for breaking street date, especially with all the MOO3 freaks out there. We get a perplexing amount of requests for that game from some of the biggest nerds of all time on a daily basis.

CompUSA has BF1942 Road to Rome for $15.

On a non-game savings note. Fry''s in phoenix has a Princeton 19"" monitor for $200 - $80 rebate. I picked one up and it is pretty nice. Marked down from $250.