NetHack - Falcon's Eye

I don't know if there are any NetHack fans out there, but I ran accross something new to me today while wasting time at work reading about the Lycoris Desktop/LX Linux distro and their add-on packs. There is a story about it up on Slashdot, too.

This is, seemingly, a pretty graphical face plunked down upon NetHack, everyone's favorite text-based dugeon crawling game, called Falcon's Eye. I may get some time to play around with it later, but thought you folks might like to dive in as well.

There is an installer for the Windows version, and you can compile and run it on DOS, Linux, or BeOS from source.

Yes, I remember seeing that a year or so ago. Not a huge fan of Nethack, but I played it for a while until I got a tad bored with it. (SVGA graphics, mind)

This looks pretty cool. Reminds me of the Heimdall 2 and Diablo, actually.

Thanks for sharing this one with the group. I''m pretty excited to give this a try. No matter how many games I own, it seems I always find myself going back to Nethack for a few rounds. I just love the level of interactivity. It''s like what Infocom probably dreamt of with their text adventure games. Every time I try something that I could swear nobody would have ever thought of, a correct response has already been coded. It''s a great game to play around with, and I''d recommend it to anyone. if you''re interested in the original, but I''ll definitely check this one out.[/url]

Yeah, I really like playing nethack. Playing OAngband right now, which is pretty fun; I''ve been playing these damn games forever it seems.