Is UT2k3 worth it?

Well, like the subject says... is Unreal Tourney 2003 worth it? I've never been a huge unreal fan, because I prefer the more "realistic" stuff (like Rouge Spear and Raven Shield... that kind of stuff).

But I've heard that UT2k3 is well worth the money, because it's fun. I used to be into Tribes and Tribes 2 and I kicked some serious tail....
Who all things I'd like UT2k3?


Is UT2K3 Worth ""it"", well for me yes, though your mileage may vary. It''s got almost nothing in common with simulation shooters, and it''s not a particularly deep game, but if you''re in the mood for a fast visceral FPS experience, and you''ve got a solid online connection, it does its job well.

- Elysium

You should answer the question yourself by trying out the demo version of the game. Same for Battlefield 1942, in case you haven''t had your hands on that one yet.

What Elysium said.

Basically right now UT2003 is only good if you like fast Quake3 style deathmatches and have a machine fast enough to produce all the eye candy. The game does support teamplay but not any where near the level of Tribes or most tactical shooters.

With some mods though the game could play more to your style. I know some mods in the original UT promoted team work and kicked the realism level up a notch. It''s likely similar mods will come out for UT2003.

I voted yes. I really didn''t find it to be a game that keeps me playing all the time, but I do like having it around for lan parties.

I voted yes too even though I''ve grown a little tired of that type of FPS. I bought it mostly for the cool mods that will get out for it and to maybe mod it myself. The eye candy alone is worth the little cash they ask for it now. I payed mine 40$ CDN at the local EB. That''s about $3.25 USD.

Thanks for your input guys...

I just played the full version on a machine at work (2.5 GHZ P4 Alienware system... Radeon 9700 Pro All In Wonder!).. Yummy graphics.

Pretty much it''s exactly what you said... Definitely not that much of a team game (although I do have a really good cable connection), but it''s still got some fun in it. I think I can get it for $20USD...

I might pick it up. The modding ideas are great... Although they''ll do that with Raven Shield (Rainbow Six 3) when it comes out, I''m sure.

If any of you play Raven Shield, I usually go by the name ""Smallville"" or ""Danazer"" or ""Superman""... and play the Sneaky Dude''s servers and any pistols only servers. I''m also found in the GI Joe HQ a lot.

Lates guys... thanks again for the input. =) One of these days I''ll have time to play my own games and do my own reviewing again (MMMmmmmmmmm I loved writing reviews. )



I play raven-shield fairly regularly although I really don''t like what they did with the 1.1 patch. But it is still a damn fun game, I go by the name of P-Hostile and play on the Fujax server and any others that give me a low ping, hopefully I will see you on sometime.