PS3 Architecture...

Check it out...

Not really sure on the validity of this news article though.

FYI, it's not the National Inquirer...

I am not sure what baffles me more. That diagram, or the fact that there are people who understand that diagram.

- Elysium

what? need help with the diagram, I could try to explain it to you

Best not to try. Certis has tried explaining many things to me in the past week. I just start throwing things at him.


You find the diagram difficult? Then make sure you don''t take a look at the patent itself. Now THAT''S just wrong, made my head spin!

Offloading processing to another device (if I understand the ''cell'' concept correctly) sort of undermines the advantages that standard hardware gives to video game consoles. Some people will have their PS3 hooked up to a TV that can lend its resources, while some will not, leaving game developers in the same sort of fixes PC game devs have taking into consideration the capabilities of the hardware most consumers will have.

I''m all for innovation, but I''m also all for having a standard platform for developers to work with and optimize for.

No matter how many terafloppsies this thing has, I won''t let myself get excited about something I won''t have for a few years. I just won''t. In issues such as this, the internet annoys me.

That''s a good point, phyrz. Inquiring minds may want to know, but they also are never satisified since new enticements are announced more often than they are released.

true true... and by the time something actually get here, we will all be waiting for the next big thing anyway.

This is massively amplifed for PAL consumers as well. Okay I''ll stop whinging about now...

Oh for the days where tidbits in mags were all we really knew..

I guess some people just enjoy living in the future. Me not being one of them.