Doom 3 QUestions?

Well I figured I'd talk a little about my favorite game this year that I don't have yet! I don't mean to sound like an id fanboy, but I must admit I anxiously look forward to each new id game, and Doom 3 more then any since Quake 1.

No game, I can think of, has a higher place in my game pantheon than Doom 2 . I loved the single player game, and it was the first game that introduced me to deathmatch and co-op play.

I'm just curious how many people think Doom 3 is going to live up to it's expectations? I know most people like there games a bit more sophisticated these days then we did ten years ago, but I think if they can capture the same essence of fun and terror as they did with 1&2 they will have a winner.

Also does anyone care to speculate what the system requirements will be, or if they will make their suspected Q2 release date.

I''m just curious how many people think Doom 3 is going to live up to it''s expectations?

I gave up on expectations a long time ago, I still hold great hopes that Doom III will be something special but I don''t really ""expect"" anything.

That''s not totally true, I expect it to be a late 2003 release and I expect it to bring my current PC to its knees. Assuming it had knees.. or legs for that matter.

It took all I had not to seek out that leaked demo, I want this game in a big way, but apparently not enough to turn ot the dark side. Pretty much every id game that has been released has had a big impact on the direction of FPS games, I doubt this will be any different. Living up to hype is hard, living up to peoples expectations based on hype is pretty much impossible I think.

Hopefully they won''t go too much for a slow paced Survival/Horror style. A kill-fest that doesn''t take itself seriously (Doom1/2, Duke3D, SeriousSam) would be much appreciated.

The requirements shouldn''t be too high - they''ve already spoken about running it on a GeForce1. Realistically though, running it on DX8 or DX9 hardware is kinda the point.

The big question for me is: Xbox or PC?

I have very little interest in this game. ID still hasn''t managed to evolve the gameplay in their games past what they did in Wolf3d.

Doom 3 won''t be that good a game. All ID''s games are just tech demos for the engine. I sometimes get the feeling that at ID, if you''re not John Carmack, you''re just someone who''s helping John Carmack make his next 3d engine.

I hope (and expect judging from the screens) it lives up to it''s predecessors ability to make you go AAAGH!! in single player as much.Just hope they don''t do a Serious Sam on it. I''d prefer a Resident Evil in space without the akward controls and camera angles. Don''t know about multiplayer, my expectations are pretty high now and my favourite multiplayer game is bombing run in UT2003 anything else pales at the moment.

I have a P4 1.5Ghz machine with a GeForce 4 4400 card and 500mb RAM so I hope it won''t be too much more demanding(Probably not! Damn more upgrades! Damn these tricksey demanding engines! )

Yeah right 2Q! I''d be amazed if it made this deadline.Personally I hope it doesn''t come out then as I''d like to see some sun this summer!(not that it comes very often in this part of the world! )

I have very little interest in this game. ID still hasn''t managed to evolve the gameplay in their games past what they did in Wolf3d.

There was at least some progression in RTCW''s campaign (I know it wasn''t id but surely they have to use some outside help in developing a decent campaign) so it could be possible for Doom III to at least partially shine. But indeed, I really don''t have high hopes for this one. Even the old ''mediocre game, great engine'' adagium might not apply here with the limitations that id''s choices have put on the engine. Maybe Doom III isn''t what we should wait for, lets just try to get into it with an open mind and await the real treats. For example, umm... Quake 4?

Living up to hype is hard

Yeah, I''m not talking about living about to the hype, but rather your own personaly expectations, based on having played the first two Doom games.

All ID''s games are just tech demos for the engine

I don''t know if I would agree with that or not. But assuming I do, the fact is, id games are about the only ones I ever go back to play through more than once. I always just have so much fun playing them, and thats really what it''s all about for me. Innovating new gameplay is neat and all, but if it dosen''t add to the fun, who cares?


Funny that you find Doom1/2 akin to Resident Evil while I think of them as Serious Sam precursors. Maybe they can please us both again with the same game!

Maybe they can please us both again with the same game!

I hope so oneXone. I just found Serious Sam overwhelmed my cerebellum after about 15 minutes, I need an atmosphere of fear created by the expectation of something jumping out at me not the fear of dying due to overwhelming numbers. I enoy both styles of gameplay but prefer creepy, creepy scary, scary RE style games now (old age you see!)

I''m pretty excited about DoomIII from a technical standpoint, and because I appreciate what the series has always been about - a visceral experience. I know I hold different games to different standards sometimes, but it''s clear that what works with one developer doesn''t necessarily pan out for another. Id is just in their home territory with this kind of title, and while it might not win a Pulitzer for Postmodernist Allegory, it will probably scare the bejesus out of me more than once. Really, that''s all I want from it.

- Elysium

Well I don''t think that ID is being really innovative with their gameplay, graphically they are.

A shooter is a shooter. This one has gorgeous graphics and supposedly a mediocre story to it, which is what FPS''s are these days.

But most of my bitching/drooling will wait until we get a closer to release and more details are available.

I am just happy it is coming to Xbox...still not sure how well it will translate graphics-wise but currently Xbox is the place to attempt it.

I really enjoyed Q I and II even in single player. Sure not much in the way of scripted events and wizbang tricks but fun killfests.
As for Doom III - it will be fun....but I really just want the editor:)