Windows Vista available for download

Demiurge wrote:

One of my roommates works at Microsoft and came home the other day with a couple copies of Vista, so I gave the new x64 beta a shot. No driver support for my Santa Cruz sound card (big surprise) so I'm running off my AC97 onboard audio. Doesn't matter that much, though, because Foobar2000 crashes when loading music, and iTunes won't install. I should have gone 32bit I suppose.

Other than that? Eh, it's okay. Needs to start up a hell of a lot faster.

Granted I didn't put much of an effort into it, but I couldn't get my Audigy 2 to work in the 32bit version.

That's odd. Mine worked even without downloading the creative drivers, as if vista had them built in.

Definitely odd. I even grabbed some drivers from SB site and they did not work either.