Post a video, entertain me!

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Oh man, I love WRC. Thank you, YouTube

A couple of the clips _might_ have a part or two with NSFW lanuage, but I don't recall hearing any off hand. You should probably just turn down your speakers just to be sure.

I don't understand how NASCAR can exist at all when this far superior form of racing exists.

Besides cussing some of those also need a cr*ppy music warning.

I really couldn't agree more. NECKCAR has nothing on WRC. It was absolutely exhilerating watching through the dashboard cam. Besides Football, we americans are pretty lame when it comes to sports.

As an afterthought this might be NSFW, but what would I know I've never had a job...

Some of you have probably seen this but I just had to share it:
Daily Show on violent video games

I especially like the ratings part

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That's sooo not right ;)

Someone had to do it in a video thread... this time I played the ass

Learn to speak English with Independence Day.

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Learn to speak English with Independence Day.

Call me crazy, but that may be the best way ever conceived to teach English to people. In principle, mind you; might work better with less crappier movies.


You're comparing that to Rugby? Tom Cruise would be more than proud of all that overacting.

I saw the WRC clips and immediately thought Sega Rally Championship. Still my favorite racing game of all time.

Shovel hit

I could watch that one over and over again, and it's still funny.

Bird hit by baseball

Watch to the left of the pitcher to see what's left of the bird hit the ground. Score one for the Big Unit.

No video thread should go without mention of Troops (Cops Star Wars).

hey is that snow glider dude a Warren Miller clip....I can/have watched the stuff that guy does for hours

wouldnt want to show up and not contribute heres Star Trek: Cribs

Jon Stewart clip. If this doesnt tickle your funny bone, consider a transplant

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Jon Stewart clip. If this doesnt tickle your funny bone, consider a transplant

that was great. I also like this one. I have a dreamsicle

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Star Trek: Cribs

I love how one of the guys is playing GRAW in the backround.

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Star Trek: Cribs

I love how one of the guys is playing GRAW in the backround. :D

The GWJ ban on animated avatars keeps me from lifting Scotty's freaking out.

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so heres Star Trek: Cribs

Anyone know what that song is that starts to play at the end? Did I just prove how un-hip I am with that question?

I've posted this one here before, but I think it's worth a repost in this thread. Cracks me up everytime.

Karaoke for the Deaf

The 720 dunk.

Don't mess with this ref.

Dr_Awkward wrote:

Don't mess with this ref.

I still like seeing that video. For some background here's a statement by the ref:

Greetings, My name is James Bruno. I am the referee responsible for the notorious, infamous, and much loved "Chokeslam from Hell". I've read a ton of feedback so I'll try to answer some questions. First I'll give a little background about the event in which it took place at. The name of the event was called Monday Night Raw named after the WWE program of course. At its peak,it took place Monday nights on Ft. Lauderdale Beach from around 1997 through 2004 and was created by promotional genius, Wally Smojver. People would sign up out of the crowd and participate in a boxing or "hardcore match"(mma). The wild thing about it... once your name was on the sign up sheet, you could wind up fighting anyone from the skill level of Pee Wee Herman up to Mike Tyson. I could name over a dozen professional boxers and mma fighters who have fought there before turning pro(two of them being my brothers, Steven and Mike Bruno). The Nogueira's have been in attendance and Matt Hughes and Din Thomas helped me co- referee one night.Pat Milietich and Jeremy Horn were in attendance one night an took a bow in our ring. Although there have been some great fights fought there, most of the participants consisted of thugs, degenerates, punks, bikers, gang members, ex-convicts, and other self proclaimed tough-guys.

Over the course of the beach brawls, I have refereed around 200 fights. I have been punched in the face and below the belt numerous times, I've had a bloody mouthpiece spat in my face, I've been bitten two times, once was from a stripper with braces and I've been chased out of the ring by a homeless prostitute (yes women fought too). All of these are true stories that actually happened, if you don't believe me, I have the tapes.

Getting back to the chokeslam... First I accidentally knock the guy over while seperating the two. I then apologize and pat the guy on the headgear. As I walk away he mushes the back of my head and when I turn around he tells me to go "F" myself. If you look extra closely you can see me knock away his left hand which was on my neck first before I slammed him. Earlier in the fight the guy was acting like a punk, talking smack and disrespecting everybody. He totally deserved it, everyone who was there agreed. Other refs like Bobby Patinelli and Big Joe Gable wouldve done worse.I'd never act that way in a real fight or at a real event. These were two jerks fighting over a $20 bar tab and a free t-shirt for cryin' out loud!!! Anyway, I'm glad 99% of you loved the video and I thank everyone for their support and positive feedback.

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The 720 dunk.

I'm not sure what I enjoy more, the dunk, or the ridiculous name of the website it's attributed to.

Edwin, there's some seriously NSFW ads on that site.

Sorry! I have all ads blocked with adblock and peer guardian so I've completly forgotten about those over the past years.

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Pete and Pete

Wow, Artie the World's Strongest Man is the voice of Hank Hill's neighbor, Kahn. It all makes sense now.

Busted: The Citizens's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters.

Melodramatic title, but some good advice. (About 45 minutes long.)

From the same YouTube page as Re: Your Brains, here's an excellent WoW music video done to Here Without You, by 3 Doors Down.

Here Without You

Here's a couple Upright Citizens Brigade clips for those of you who enjoy...toilet humor: Poo Stick and Ass Pennies (possible nsfw language)